My First Trimester Journey

First TrimesterI’m at my 5th week when we knew I was pregnant. There were no significant symptoms, until we did pregnancy test on my 10th day of delayed period. I’m one of the few women who experience easy first trimester. From what I read from books, blogs and stories of my friends, first trimester is the most sensitive and hardest part, blame it on the hormonal changes inside a woman’s body. Imagine, there’s a life in the making inside your womb, amazing, it’s really a miracle that only God can do!

What we did as soon as we knew we’re pregnant?

My husband and I scheduled an appointment with my OB-Gyne, Dra. Cecilia Reyes. She’s my doctor for 4 years, she’s a consultant and obstetrics & gynecology in Asian Hospital & Medical Center (Alabang), The Medical City (Ortigas) and The Premier Medical Center (Paranaque). I highly recommend her!

During our first visit, she confirmed the result of my two pregnancy tests, as well as the symptoms (tender breast & mood swings). She recommended for me to have Transvaginal Ultrasound, to check our baby’s heartbeat and Urine test (to make sure that I don’t have UTI) on my 8th week, our baby’s heart beats at 170 (seeing our baby and his first heartbeat is such a wonderful and emotional experience). She also prescribed vitamins such as Folic Acid (Folate, helps prevent anemia, reduces the risk of mom bearing a child with a Neuarl Tube Defects and the risk fo preterm births), Supraneuron & Amino Brain (Supplies DHA & GA that are essential for brain development) and drink 1 glass of Amnum milk  everyday as well as take Dupashton 3x/day for 1 week to prevent miscarriage. She also advised to add more carbo, protein, fruits and vegetables  in my diet and avoid fastfood, caffeine and sweets.

Pregnacy symptoms

Everything is normal on my daily grind, but like other pregnant women, I also experience pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue, headaches (migraine), constipation, frequent urination and swollen/tender breasts. I don’t have specific food cravings, I just craved for my usual comfort food once in a while or when I see/heard something, I crave for those big time! My smell also becomes so sensitive, I hate the smell of ginisa and the strong perfume of my husband in the morning. But I love his smell after work and after he shower at night.

Everything is okay until my 9th week when I experience vaginal spotting. We immediately went to Dra. Reyes, and I was diagnosed with threatened abortion, but after another transvaginal ultrasound and examinations, Little Luna and I is perfectly fine. But because of the diagnosis, I took 14 days complete bed rest to restore my health, get enough rest and I took Duphaston for another 3 weeks. On my 5th day of bed rest, I’m free from vaginal spotting, but I still continue to rest until 14th. But on the 14th night, I had another series of vaginal spotting, so the bed rest was extended for another week. Spotting stops after 4 days, weekend after that, I’m back to normal activities on my 13th week. Hello 2nd trimester, I’m back!

Pregnacy partner

My husband becomes extra supportive and caring when we knew I was pregnant.  Since we both work, he ensure that I rest well when we’re at home. Reynang-reyna ang peg ko! My husband cooks healthy food and do all the household chores. He wants me to rest and relax lang at home. He also pray more for me and our baby, morning and evening he covered us in prayer.  I’m such a blessed wife! I also noticed, how my husband was smittened by me since I get pregnant, he hugs, kiss me, smells me and often catch him staring at me more than usual. Gandang-ganda sya sa kin, hahaha. I love you, Love, the best husband award goes to you!

Must haves

The moment I knew I was pregnant, I google stuff that would help me have a more comfortable pregancy. I have the urge to buy, tempting! But good thing I was able to control, so I didn’t bought anything. As of my trimester I only have this:

  • Medicines: Folic Acid, Supraneuron, Anmum and Duphaston for one month
  • Crackers (so I won’t feel h-angry), water (to dehydrate)
  • Plastic bag (just in case nausea and vomit attacks)
  • Babycenter App & I’m Expecting App ( I used this app to check weekly pregnancy progress and to remind me to take my meds

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