10 Things in My Second Trimester Journey

What happened during 2nd trimester? I know it will be different for every pregnant woman! I just want to share 10 things in my 2nd trimester, all preggers, hope you can relate with me. Also, with this post, I want to honor my husband-Mark, who stands with me all this time, he served me in so many ways to make sure, I’ll feel good, love & beautiful! Thank you so much love 🙂

  1. My energy returns! It was a perfect time since I’m back to work after a month of bed rest. I was able to catch-up with my team. I’ve been productive at work in the midst of my pregnancy. This was also the best time for my husband and I to enjoy time time together, we go out for movie dates and chill in Tagaytay on some Friday nights after work! At this time, we also kick-off our dream home construction (sometime May).I also spend time with my family and meet up few of my girlfriends!Dates
  2. With so much energy, I also felt some discomforts like rare abdominal aches (due to growing Litte Luna), breathlessness (when I talk too much),  stretch marks (but was able to prevent this using Mustela Stretch Mark Oil & Lotion), heartburn (when I eat too much), constipation (when I don’t consume enough fiber),  skin discoloration & warts, breast enlargement, discharge, linea negra and ankles & feet inflammation. For complete second trimester changes, check out www.babycenter.com
  3. I continue taking  vitamins recommended by my OB (Expecta (Multivitamins+DHA), Iberet (Iron+Calcium) and Caltrate (Calcium), vaccine (Tetanus & Flu) and Medical test (OGTT, Congential Anomaly Scan (CAS) Ultrasound).
  4. They called it Pregnancy glow! Friends were saying my baby will be a girl because I’m a pretty preggo daw! (Yay, thank you girlfriends!) Also, at this time, I have the urge to look good, to feel good!Tagaytay
  5. Signs of life on 4th month. My baby bump gets bigger and bigger! It’s a good sign that my baby is growing healthy. By the end of second trimester, I gained 6 kilos! Also, my little Luna is moving around, kicking,  punching or maybe dancing! In medical term they called this quickening. My baby started with quick short movements to bigger longer strides. I enjoyed this moment the most! It was an amazing experience to feel someone alive inside my womb. I’m really in awe of God’s process on designing human’s life!GM
  6. It’s a Girl! Another favorite moment, our Little Luna is a Girl! When the doctor told us, she was a girl, I started daydreaming of twinning OOTDs with her!Yana
  7. At this time I need to change sleeping position, I need to sleep on my left side, I read that this is good for me & my baby. Sleeping on your left side will increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta and your baby. Keep your legs and knees bent, and put a pillow between your legs. You can also consider buying pregnancy pillow, I bought Body Pillow from Canadian Warehouse Sale (it’s a good steal, since I got it for 500 pesos vs 3k-5k pregnancy pillow). Also, my husband is consistent in giving me a massage in my shoulder & legs to make sure I’m relax and have a good sleep!
  8. 3rd month will be the best time to buy maternity clothes! I only bought one pair of jeans & top maternity wear from SM Maternal plus maternity bras from Soen. Then I bought few non-maternity dress & leggings on SALE from H&M and Forever 21, I make sure that I can wear these whether pregant or not! You don’t have to spend so much for maternity clothes, it’s not practical, since you’ll only used it for 6 months! I also got hand-me-downs from my cousin. By the way, you can still use your old loose clothes until your 7th month!IMG_0595
  9. We started buying baby essentials on my 6th month! We bought only the essentials, cotton onesies from Mothercare, organic cotton undershirts, pajamas, booties, mittens, hat & burp cloths, hooded baby blanket, from St. Patrick available in SM Department Store, Sacred baby wash, I-angel baby carrier & Hakkaa breast pump from Momzilla Baby Fair, Earth Angel nipple cream, Safety First nail clipppers, Nose frida,  Avent Pacifier from Amazon (thanks to my sister-in-law who shipped these items from Canada),  Dr. Brown’s baby bottles, Koala Babies & Carter’s onesies from BabiesRus online (thankful for my friend Ate Rose, who brought these items from US) and Graco Mirage travel system from Rustans. Then grateful to my sister, my bessy Angel, my manager Cindy, Jon & Marika, and my sister-in-law Marianne  who blessed us with baby stuff, sleepsack, blankets, baby clothes, feeding bottles, bathtub and swaddling cloth!IMG_0892
  10. God is with me in my pregnancy journey! The Lord has been super good and faithful to me & my husband in our 6 months pregnancy journey. I believe the Lord sustains, strengthens and protects my husband & I, all this time. We cannot do this alone! By His grace, we’re enjoying everyday of my pregnancy journey! He is also a rich and generous provider, He blessed us with not just what we need, but even what we dream and desire!


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