My Birthing Story

It was a usual day in the office, 27th of July, I was 7 months 2 weeks pregnant. I just finished a webinar at 9:30AM, when I felt something different in my body, then I realized that I had a blood stained in my leggings. My officemates, called help from security & clinic then I was rushed in General Trias Hospital ER. I don’t feel anything, but the blood made me so anxious on the safety of my baby. The doctor told me that I’m having a pre-term contraction and the Placenta Previa Marginalis that was diagnosed a week ago was the reason for the bleeding. The doctor gave me a Surfactant (a lung treatment to save premature babies), to strengthen my baby’s lungs in case I deliver her prematurely.

Love massage manas

As soon as my husband arrived, I was transferred by ambulance in Asian Hospital’s ER. I was observed & treated in Genesis Center for 3 days until contraction was gone. When I was about to be discharge, my blood pressure surge up and was on consistent high, my OB Dra. Cecilia Reyes, ruled out that I have Preeclampsia ( is a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to another organ system, most often the liver and kidneys.), she didn’t told me (so I will not worry) but he told my husband. But during that time, I feel like I have Preeclampsia (and I know that it is a serious complications for me & baby, and can be fatal too) because I read about it. August 1, 3:00PM, Dra. Reyes told me, that she had tried all the medicines that can help lower my blood pressure but didn’t work and the best thing that we can do is for me to deliver my baby prematurely, I’m only 33 weeks pregnant.


Exactly 6:00PM, I was brought back in Genesis Birthing Center, my husband is with me encouraging me to be strong and praying for me and baby. At 6:30PM, CS operation begun, Dra. Ces Reyes & Dra. Elizabeth Morales was there for me & baby. I gave birth to our first born Juliana Ysabelle at 7:03PM. She weighs 3.4lbs & is 43cm long. Her first kiss is her Tatay (father).  I was not able to see her that day since Juliana was born prematurely, she has to be treated and observed in NICU. It took one day (the longest one day I had in my life), before I can get up and see our Baby Luna.

First time seeing Yana

It was a mix feelings the first time I saw Juliana, what a joy to see this little creature who live & grow inside my womb for almost 8 months, and how painful it is to see her with all these medical apparatus. I just hoped and prayed that she’s not in pain, and NICU 2 nurses ensure to me that these are all monitoring tools that’s needed to make sure Juliana is recovering well. At this time, I’m not allowed to carry her, I can only see her and touch her hands or feet.


Juliana stayed in NICU for 10 days. A very special thanks to the people whose been there for me and baby Yana. To my Maxicare and GenTri Med ER nurses & doctors, to my staff Lester, who brought me to Gen. Trias ER and accompanied me inside the ambulance going to Alabang, you know how much we appreciate you! To my OB-Gyne Dra. Cecilia Reyes who take care of me and make sure that my delivery will be smooth, easy & successful (and also for not making me panic) – you’re still my preferred OB for our 2nd, 3rd & 4th. To Dra. Elizabeth Morales, who took care of Juliana from Day 1 to now, thank you for partnering with us to make sure Juliana will catch-up her weight just like full-term babies, and look at her now.  To all Asian Hospital NICU 2 nurses who acted as Juliana’s mother at night for 10 days, thank you really for taking care of our little one, and for allowing me stay at NICU for whole day to breastfeed our little one.


To my Nanay and sister who stayed with me in the hospital. To my dearest friends & relatives who were my prayer warriors. To our friends and colleagues who donated breast milk for Juliana.donated breastmilk

And lastly, I would like to honor my ever loving & supportive husband – Mark, who never left my side at the most trying times we have as a couple. You know love, how tough this was, but the Lord heard our cries & prayers. I heard you praying & crying out to God to deliver me and Juliana and God honors your faith, we overcome! PS: You’re really such a good driver and caregiver. I love you so much.

Mark kangaroo

And of course, to the Lord, yes I have “why” questions to Him during those times, but the Lord has been faithful to us, He delivered us, He sustained me until I fully recovered, He strengthened my husbands faith, He saved Juliana and made her stronger each day and He provided for everything we need! I praise God for the gift of family! 

First BF


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