About Mr and Mrs Luna…


Loves Jesus. Wife. Filipina. Demand Planning Manager. Sometimes Traveler. Newbie Investor. Blogger.

Hello, I’m Jenice! Thank you for spending time reading stories of my life. “My Journey His Glory” is a lifestyle blog, it is about my life journey… Some random thoughts and experiences of a free-spirited, quiet-strong lady who dream, fail, hold-on, keep the faith and make it happened! Actually, God made everything happened in His beautiful perfect time, and I believe He is still at work, to fulfill His purpose for me….  This is a real life’s journey, it’s not always a straight, smooth way to our final destination, the truth is, our journey is unpredictable, there will be bumps and wrong turns, endless stops and go! But one thing is for sure, our Creator knows the beginning and the end, He has a great plan for each of us, and He will do it! Our God is a giver of life, and I hold on to Him and to His promise in John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. ” 


Loves Jesus. Husband. Chemical Engineer. Aviator enthusiast. Sometimes Chef.

And since I got married last October 15, 2015, to an amazing man, to Mark Anthony Luna. part of my vow to him, is that from this day, it will no longer “My Journey His Glory” but “Our Journey His glory.” I’m grateful that God bless me with a husband who will journey with me. Together in God’s grace, we desire to live a life that will magnify the truth, worth, greatness and beauty of God. In this new season of our life together, expect to have more posts about our life as a couple, travels & experiences together, realizations, mistakes and lessons learned, and soon post about our children. He’ll be writing his own blog posts here! Hope you’ll have fun reading my husband’s blogs too!



 Hope God will used this blog as a channel to bless our readers. We really hope and pray that you will learn something from our blog  www.jenicejoy.com

Thanks for dropping by! God bless you…

We’ll love to hear from you, feel free to comment or follow us in Instagram & Twitter @iamjenicejoy @marcoantonio or send an e-mail at jenicejoy.sl@gmail.com

17 thoughts on “About Mr and Mrs Luna…

  1. can i have your contact number? i really love ur stories especially your nanay’s 61st b-day jollibee celebration. or pm me plz. gusto ko din gawin kay nanay ko ang ganon…

  2. Life changing journey and very inspirational. I really felt your love for family and God. Your heart is pure and kind. Your always an inspiration to me.

    • Thank you for very encouraging comment. Thank God that through this blog, I can be a blessing to other people. That’s the main reason why I share my journey 🙂 Thank you for reading my blogs.

  3. I truly admire your approach in life and your devotion to God. 🙂 i like how your blog features a mix of what life has to offer, both travel, faith, and lifestyle! Nice to meet you, Jenice! 🙂

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