I’ve Been Here



3 thoughts on “I’ve Been Here

  1. LOVE your site so much! I was feeling depressed for months now. I had to leave of absent from my work due to my Fibroides problems and surgery. It has been seven months. I’m finally getting back to work and back to my routine. But I’m still feeling anxious of everything that’s happening around me. I’m so glad I looked up the words Prayers for depression. I found your site, and thinking that I should get the book of prayers. I’m a new Christian women. I’m learning to trust GOD! On everything that he does for me. But I’m still thinking a lot about money, winning lotto, if only I can have more money, things will get better for me. I really don’t know if I can be as strong as you’re. Please pray for me. Thank you. By the way … You’re so beautiful inside and out.
    Tina Bliss

    • Hi Tina! I’m glad to know that my post somehow help you to trust God even more. For sure you will overcome this season in your life, because you are victorious, because you have a victorious God in your life. Here’s my prayer for you:
      Dear God, “I’m lifting up to you my friend Tina, You know what she’s going through and in the midst of all these, she will know You even more, she will have a personal encounter with you and this encounter will change her life. You have plans for her, you will meet all her needs, your grace is sufficient for Tina. I believe God that she will experience you as a God who heals, a God who provides and a God who will never leave her nor forsake her. In Jesus Name, Amen.

      Thank you and be bless, Jenice 🙂

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