Kitchenails: Basic Mani & Pedi

Having clean and pretty nails is one of my beauty goals this 2016. I agree with Tammy Taylor, our nails can make a statement. Ladies, listen, men looks at women nails and it send a lot of signals to them. … Continue reading

Wedding Invitation by Print Cafe

Print Cafe designed our wedding invitation. We’re able to get 20% discount when we booked them when we joined Wedding Fair at PICC. We choose Print Café because they have branches down South, Alabang Town Center, Festival Mall & SM Southmall. They also … Continue reading

The Boiling Seafood

If you’re a fan of Boracay’s D’ Talipapa restaurants or seaside, dampa in Sucat and Daang-hari, you will definitely love the sosyal version of seafood (paluto) market at The Boiling Seafood located in Alabang Town Center (In front of Marygrace). … Continue reading

Some Good Eats in Alabang

Are you from the South? Where do you satisfy your cravings? These are my favorite food and restaurants in Alabang. SM Southmall, Festivall Mall, Commerce Center, Molito, Westgate and Daang-hari offers a lot of choices for all foodie-lovers from the South. … Continue reading

Jell’s Day at Fridays


My sister “Jell” celebrated her birthday last September 30, 2012 🙂 at TGIF in Alabang Town Center. She treat us for dinner.

Seeing what she have become at 28… I’m such a proud sister! She will always be my baby sister, who needs her “Ate.” I remember growing up, we used to fight on little things, I always end up giving way for her because I’m the oldest. My father always remind me of taking care of her, looking after her because she’s young and fragile. But honestly she’s so brave inside, she just need someone who will push her to do things that she thinks she cannot do, and without my father around that would be me.

To my sister… Cheers on your birthday, more food, travel, experience, failures and victories, hardship and success for us to share! I love you so much @itsmejelomejell

It’s Cha Time!

I’m addicted to milk tea since last year! I even made it as my final paper for two of my courses in my MBA. My favorite is Cha Time. Cha Time opened it’s first franchise in the Philippines last year. My first Cha Time encounter is in Landmark. I really get curious on the long line ordering bubble tea, some maybe their first time like me and some are addicted to it already. It’s really a hit! My favorite is Pearl Milk Tea and Cocoa Smoothie.


I’m so happy that it finally opened it’s first branch in the South. Finally i can get my favorite pearl milk tea anytime i crave for it in Alabang Town Center.


And lately opened another branch in Molito. Now our new favorite hang-out place when we want to have a break from office stress during lunch break and after work.


Cha Time has evolved in more than a year of its operations, aside from tea they are now offering coffee and snacks (fries and chicken strips) Get addicted to it too! Pick up your order now!