#TeamSanchez Goes to Camaya Coast


Finally, road tripping with my cousins was off my bucket list. Last summer (June 2014) #TeamSanchez goes to Camaya Coast, located in Mariveles, Bataan.  At sinong may pasimuno, syempre ako! 🙂 I love spending time with my cousins. Though we lived in the same place at Aser Sanchez Compound, we rarely spend time together growing up. Buti pa nung mga bata kame, when life is just simple, we all have same schedule in class, and in the afternoon after we do our homework we can play. And this is one of those rare times we can travel together.

We avail this one day tour pass cost P800, including lunch and free use of bike and kayak from Metrodeal. We rented a van from Binan, Laguna to Camaya Coast, P7,000/van including toll fees and fuel. You may contact Doy, (0925) 8686180, I highly recommend.


We enjoyed the beach. It’s high tide so we’re not able to try kayak.


Sinong mas creative, sinong bet nyo? Team Aser o Team Silang?


Team Aser


Team Silang



Frisbee in action!


Infinity pool!



Around Camaya Coast…

IMG_4205 IMG_4204 IMG_4185

 In spite of negative reviews from trip advisor, about the deal, we choose to go and thank God, we have a great time! Buffet lunch is overflowing, they served, fish fillet, pansit, grilled chicken, chopsuey, and fresh fruits.


Malapascua Island Travel Diary

DSC00379I’ve just posted several blogs about our Malapascua Island, Cebu experience these past few days. This is one of my travel highlights in 2012. Though it’s my 6th time
in Cebu, It’s my first time in Northern part of Cebu, and besides I travel with my new found friends whose way younger than me. The girls vibrant and carefree energy revived my teenage spirit again, how i miss that!

Anyways, if you’re planning a trip to Malapascua here’s a complete guide, from transportation, budget, accommodation, food and things to do in the island…

How to get there?

1) From Manila you need to book a flight going to Cebu City. There are so many flights going to Cebu PAL, Cebu Pacific, Zest Air and Tiger Airways has flights. In this  trip we’re blessed to avail Tiger Airways P545 (USD14) promo fare.DSC00307

2) From Cebu Airport, hire a cab going to Cebu North bus Terminal this cost around P200-P250 (USD5).

3) In North bus terminal you can either ride a bus (P170) (USD4) or a van (P180-200) (USD5) going to Malay Port. I suggest you choose van as this would take you only 3 hours, while bus will consume more time around 4-5 hours.

4) And finally, from Malay Port you have to take a boat for an hour going to Malapascua Island (P100) (USD3).

Tip: Travel time from Cebu City to Malpascua Island may take 5-6 hours so be sure to bring food and water along with you.

Where to Stay?

We had a very good experience staying in Malapascua Garden Resort for P2,000/night for 4 (USD50). I definitely recommend this hotel.

If you want to stay in a beachfront you can try Exotic Island Dive and Beach Resort, Evolution Diving Site,

Where to Eat?

Since the girls love food… And really want to try all the recommended restaurants in the island. We have our breakfast in the resort, we also have our lunch and dinner in these restaurants:

  • Craic House (P300-P400) is an Irish Bar owned by Evolution Diving Resort. Located at the beachfront. The dishes are unique, yet scrumptious. Each servings is good for two, so you may want to have someone share a meal with you to save.
  • Ocean Vida Restaurant (P350-500) is located at the beach front. They serve Asian and European dishes. The food is a little pricey, small servings for not so good food.DSC00418
  • Exotic Bar and Restaurant (P300-P500) here we tried their Exotic Giant Burger. This is also a must try! Since the burger is really BIG, you can also share it with your friend.
  • Ging-gings restaurant (P75-P120) is very affordable, they serve great food, the restaurant has simple and laid-back ambiance. Since most of the island guest eat here, you have to be patient to wait for your food to be serve. If you’re in a budget you can have all your meals here 🙂 They serve the best food among all other restaurants we tried.

What to do?

  • If you love diving, or opt to try, this is the best place to dive. Malapascua is known as one of the best diving sites in the world. Anyways, if you don’t want to dive you can go island hopping, snorkeling, bike, run, visit the lighthouse or walk along the beach or just dip into Malapascua’s clear water and relax!


Morning Walk at Boracay

While Manila and most of Luzon was flooded, I’m in Boracay for a business trip. Thank God that it’s a sun shiny day all over Aklan 🙂 Tourists get to enjoy the beauty of the island. While Net and Mae are still in bed, I decided to walk along the beach from Station 2 to 3. I spend some quiet time alone and pray. As I walk, I took photos na rin. The Island of Boracay is really beautiful.


this is my favorite shot of the beach with all the shadow effects.


kay sarap maglaro sa mga dambuhalang alon (giant tidal waves)!


Perfect na sana, pampasira lang ang tri-pod!


Ang ganda talaga ng turqoise na beach!


Perfect for paragliding! kaya wagas na wagas sa pag glide ang mga PRO-paragliders 🙂


Ayan na. meeting na ng mga Vinta!




Diver’s Sanctuary Batangas Road Trip Diary

fortunately referred by bangkeros in Diver’s Sanctuary in Bauan, Batangas…



Safely arrived in the island, after all the praying and sailing at night in a small boat. I can imagine a shark attacking us or a big wave coming…. it’s like in a movie scene (scary) i remember, Carol keeps on praying, almost cried… funny, but i’m a bit scared too!

IMG-0585 Diversanctuary-37

As we arrived in the island, we have a air-conditioned room with 3 beds, we just pay 1,500 for an overnight stay. Vodka cruiser and mudshake is our bestfriend for the night. Girls, went wild dancing, drinking, singing and chatting. It’s a disaster when all SP’s (Strong Personality) are together.


The morning after, look at the view in front of our room! Super nice view isn’t it?


So here are the girls…. my KCPI friends!


After our hearty breakfast, we went snorkling…


Then we met this divers, who eventually join us and we hang-out together for an island hopping (while Tet tried diving for the first time)


It has been an exciting overnight trip for us! Kikay Girls survived the adventure, met new friends and enjoy the Batangas Island

Boracay never fails!

it’s my 3rd time in Boracay and the island never fails to amaze me! although the main purpose of our visit in Bora is to witness the wedding of our friend cai & nowell… We dont miss the opportunity to enjoy the island in the most tipid way we can..09092010084

We got super cheap plane fare mla-caticlan from airphil at P1,048 and kalibo-mla from PAL at P1,050. Check out weekly airline promos and mignight sale. Just be sure to book online once there’s available flight or else… Transfers from caticlan airport which includes tricycle (airport terminal to port) + boat ride + environmental fee + terminal fee + tricycle from port to our hotel at station 1 cost P220, (and if you’re be arriving or departing from kalibo just add P200-250 for van fare).

Day 1 Bowra-21

We stayed at MR Holidays P750/night with free set breakfast. We stayed at their family room, the room is cozy, clean, and the staff are super friendly. i highly recommend this budget friendly hotel. (although not located at the beachfront).

Day 1 Bowra-06

We had our lunch and dinner at Jonas (P100 up), Big Momma’s (P50 up), Andoks (P50 up), Talipapa (paluto) (P200 up), Manana (P200 up), Boracay Sweet Dreams (P300 up)… but the most sulit is Big Momma’s & paluto at Talipapa!

Day 1 Bowra-16

i also tried Hydo Zorb for P350… we had so much fun, its a must try in Boracay…

Day 3 Zorb-22

Bought some pasalubong from talipapa, anklets (P10), cute bracelets (P50), earrings (P20), native hat (P200) other pasalaubong from kalibo airpot like  piyaya (P35), danggit (P70).

Day 1 Bowra-03

Canyon Cove Road Trip Diary

It’s a super long weekend of 2010, it was black Saturday when my nanay, me & Jell decided to drive 2 hrs from Binan to Nasugbu, Batangas. We enjoyed relaxing, the art of doing nothing at Canyon Cove Beach Resort. My favorite scene, wonderful, a view of sand, sea and sky.


DSC02896 DSC02776

Resort day tour entrance fee is P750, with 300 consumable for food and beach activities. You can enjoy the beach, big swimming pools and cottages.

DSC02778 DSC02780

DSC02870 DSC02854

DSC02903 DSC02905

You can choose plated lunch from hotel or this seafood inihaw platter. This is part of the 300 consumable.

DSC02943 DSC02931

Punta Fuego Road Trip Diary

 Monsanto goes to Club Punta Fuego, in Nasugbu, Batangas for 2008 family outing. It was a great break getaway from the usual workdays spent in the office. A change of scene, nothing as wonderful as the sun, sky and sand in one of the Philippines beaches.

Overlooking the beach

Overlooking the beach

Overlooking the beach

Overlooking the beach

The Infinity Pool

The Infinity Pool

The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse


The Beach

The Beach


My colleague friends Lai and Ghia together with our sisters, Jell, Gail and Che.

My colleague friends Lai and Ghia together with our sisters, Jell, Gail and Che.