Single’s Escape at Blue Coral Beach Resort

It’s been 5 years since I joined my first and last ever Victory Alabang single’s retreat. In 5 years, ang dami nang nagbago. Cai, our VG leader, is like our mother, she looks after us and ensure that we’re having … Continue reading

Honda Bay: Cowrie Island Travel Diary


Cowrie Island is the best part of our island hopping in Honda Bay. I’m glad that this is the last island of the tour and we can spend long time here. Oh well, define, pure white sand and blue-green crystal waters…


I’m a beach person, so I was really in awe to be here! Feeling ko sirena talaga ang past life ko… Lumalakas at sayang-saya ako pag nakalublob ako sa beach o kahit natatanaw ko lang ang beach.Image



What I love about the island is these trees surrounded along the seashore. Syempre may shade effect, pwede kang mag-emote and mag-relax while enjoying the view of the sun, sea and sand… At least, hindi ka masyadong iitim. Walang ganitong puno sa Boracay or sa Bohol or kahit sa Malapascua. So here, you can just chill under this tree and enjoy the art of doing nothing. So my cousins and I, just chill and enjoy the blue waters…


Another thing I love about Cowrie Island are the coconut trees, free cottages, affordable restaurant and outdoor body massage by the locals. This is really the best place to relax after a long day of island hopping, snorkeling and picture taking!ImageImage



You can avail the buffet lunch in this island and get a free entrance for only P300. They serve good food.

Definitely you get good value for your money!

Honda Bay: Starfish Island Travel Diary

Our second day in Palawan is all about exploring the Island of Honda Bay. Logistics going to Honday Bay is easy. All you need to do is to hire a van or a tricycle who will bring you to the Honda Bay Port. If you’re travelling alone to 4 persons you may opt to hire a tricycle which will cost you P500-P600 or if you’re in a bigger group hire a van which will cost you around P1200-P1500. Since we’re a group of 9, we hire Kuya Duds van, I never had a chance to met him, because I knew he’s an owner of van operators in Palawan. You may contact him at (63) 939 906 4808 or (63) 917 590 2001. He and his team are very honest and nice.


In Honda Bay Port, you can customized which island you want to visit according to your budget and time. Our group choose, Starfish Island (P50), Pambato Reef (P50) and Cowrie Island (P300 with buffet lunch). Then you also have to rent a boat, small boat will cost P1300 and big boat will cost P1500.


Our first stop is the Starfish Island…


All the boat men were trained to do this camera tricks. This is the best part of the starfish island experience.


We also rented a small cottage (P50) where we leave all our things.


This lagoon is a project of Mayor Hagedorn, locals in Puerto Princesa, usually have tree planting projects every month. This is to sustain the natural resources and the wonderful environment of Puerto Princesa.


Of course, my sister, mother and I explore and enjoy the first island.


And my cousins too! But honestly, I only saw one starfish in the island… That’s why it’s named “Starfish Island” and not “Starfishes Island.” The water is not the best place to swim but you can go snorkeling and we enjoyed it!

Exploring Malapascua Island

Island hopping is the best way to explore the island. It’s our planned activity for our second day in Malapascua, we off to the beach early morning at 7 am. Ate offers a refer a boatman who can bring us to island. Boat rental, tour and snorkeling gear cost P2,100 (USD52). But according to some locals there we can get cheaper rates so be sure to ask and compare price if you have enough time. Island hopping takes 4-5 hours so be sure to bring snacks, water and sunblock.


We haven’t started the island adventure yet, but look what we’ve found?! These super cute starfishes scattered along the beach coast. At si Mae, ayaw paawat sa picture with starfish…


And we’re ready to go… We were guided by two super kind boatmen! Gow kuya, gow!



Ayan na ang mga “Eat Girls” excited na tumalon sa dagat! Di masyadong prepare sa bikini si Georgina oh! chos!


Ayun oh, ligayang ligaya sa tubig 🙂


Before we climb this little mountain behind us…


Our second stop is the lighthouse at the island, this is not part of the usual island hopping itinerary but since we do our research we requested Kuya to bring us there. Yes, possible that we get there, pero tiisin nga lang namin ang mga talahib going up. But it’s all worth it.


My baby pink flash havs first step in a light house.


The next snorkeling site is an old ship wreck underneath this part of the ocean. I don’t have a photo, but believe me it’s a different feeling to see this old ship, feeling mo lang may soul na hihila sa paa mo and will drown you to death. Wala lang, ganun lang ang imagination ko and the rest of the girls so sandali lang kame nag stay dito.


The last stop is another snorkeling site and i can say pinaka bongga sa lahat! Ang gaganda ng mga fishes at super dami…. At may mga parts ma super lalim.


The view going back to the island.


Photo Credits: Sean Racadio

The Bounty Beach of Malapascua Island

Cosmpolitan PH magazine’s Top 10 beaches in the Philippines. It’s a must visit for those who are into diving. The island is known for “Thresher Sharks” according to google you can only find it her. I haven’t seen one, and we didn’t dive when we went here.


So since, I’m not a diver, I just love beach,  I don’t enjoy the place as much as I enjoy Boracay. Malapascua Island is isolated, there’s nothing much to do but to bum around (if you’re not diving). There’s few tourist, mostly Europeans, Americans and Koreans.


If you’re looking for a serene and tranquil place, well this place is for you!




And this is my favorite photo: Local kids playing at the beach!