Shrimp & Crabs at D’ Talipapa

We discover Angel Wish Restaurant in D’ Talipapa Market. I swear they really cook so well and they have the cheapest paluto (cooking) cost among other restaurants in the area. Here are some dishes we tried!


Sinigang na Hipon (Shrimp in Tamarind)


Crabs in butter and garlic


Inihaw na Hipon (Grilled Shrimp)


Chili Crab

Boracay’s Ole Spanish Tapa, Bar and Restaurant


I always look forward for great choices of food that island of Boracay offers to every traveler. Whether you’re local or foreign you can’t get enough of these food! I strongly recommend these, a super must try! Satisfy your cravings for Spanish, Mexican deli at Ole Spanish Tapas, Bar & Restaurant.


Nachos (P395) Ground Beef, Refried Beans, Onion,   Tomato, Cheese, Tortilla Chips


Can’t get enough of Pollo Al Ajillo Garlic Chicken (P379)


Garlic Shrimp and Fries (but since we’re hungry, where’s the shrimp? it’s all gone) hahahaha 🙂

 Visit for more of their menus.

My Boracay Adventures

It was my fourth in the beautiful island of Boracay and I will always come back. The good thing about Boracay is every time you visit, there’s always something new to try! A new hotel or resort for your accommodation. New restaurants for your gastronomic appetite, and new adventures to try out!Image

My July trip in Boracay is a business + leisure trip. It was a 3-day conference with Monsanto colleagues and another 3 days just bumming around the island with my friends Mae, Nanette and Donell.

We had a chance to try extreme (as if) adventure in Boracay. We had it all free, we’ve got this as prize from our team building. I try both buggy car and ATV ride with my colleagues. It was so hot! First, we have to try it in a rough road for a minute. We have to test proper combination of gas and break. Then we get it on, in the street, along with other vehicles travelling around Boracay.


Then we try Zip Line at Mt. Luho.


I thought it was scary, but it was fun and relaxing experience.


Now it’s time to try harness and hydro zorb. But before that, Manong is a good photographer. He took us photos first and even direct us with our poses!


Now this is it, finally after 2 years! Harness Zorb! I can say this was the most nerve rocking experience I’ve ever had. This is worst than Disneyland’s “Space Mountain” and Universal Studios “The Mummy.” I think I died for 20 seconds. OMG!


Of course, Hydro Zorb is always fun! The three of us just roll around and laugh our hearts out!


Photo Credits: Mae Angeles

” A life without adventure is likely to be unsatisfying, but a life in which adventure is allowed to take whatever form it will is sure to be short. ” -English Proverb

Morning Walk at Boracay

While Manila and most of Luzon was flooded, I’m in Boracay for a business trip. Thank God that it’s a sun shiny day all over Aklan 🙂 Tourists get to enjoy the beauty of the island. While Net and Mae are still in bed, I decided to walk along the beach from Station 2 to 3. I spend some quiet time alone and pray. As I walk, I took photos na rin. The Island of Boracay is really beautiful.


this is my favorite shot of the beach with all the shadow effects.


kay sarap maglaro sa mga dambuhalang alon (giant tidal waves)!


Perfect na sana, pampasira lang ang tri-pod!


Ang ganda talaga ng turqoise na beach!


Perfect for paragliding! kaya wagas na wagas sa pag glide ang mga PRO-paragliders 🙂


Ayan na. meeting na ng mga Vinta!




Best Trips in 2010

A great journey will never be complete without travel and trips with family and friends. Whether it’s a business trip or a personal one, whether it’s planned or unplanned, whether it’s outside the country, out of town or just around, it rocks my 2010! I just love discovering new places and going back to old places.

  • HongKong with my super love mader and jell. 2010 faith goals answered, a dream come true.

DSC02480 DSC02215

  • Boracay (fun with Victory group & Cai ♥ Nowell wedding) i get to know and appreciate the girls & the friendship even more.

Day 3 Zorb-02 61147_442262072000_724392000_5714130_5513494_n

  • Bulacan, visit my lola Mileng together with my cousins & nephews. Lola, was so happy to see us and that she visited this resort.

DSC02996 DSC03044

  • Tagaytay & Nuvali, the most reliable out-of-town chill-out place for me, my family & friends.

DSC03498 Vcfgirls @ Tagaytay-077

  • Batangas, quick summer getaway at Canyon Cove with my sister & nanay.

DSC02852 DSC02942

  • Davao, for stressful S&OP meeting (at least we stayed at Marco Polo) & Tarlac, for Luzon BU meeting (we stayed at Hacienda Luisita). During my Davao trip, i realized that i miss going out-of-town for work and i appreciate, thank God for the opportunity. Honestly, because i’m so used to it, i just take this for granted.

08312010075 10042010153

  • Cebu, for Monsanto National Conference & Christmas party and for pre-Christmas vacay of nanay & jell.

DSC02641(crop)highblue 06122010025 DSC03994 DSC03964

  • SMX, for EN 2010 (worship),  a taste of heaven, really. Where people from every nation worship ONE GOD! Here i told myself, this the best place to be “in the presence of the Lord.”

23072010011 24072010016

  • Manila, Milo run, Mall of Asia trips with my nanay (reconciliation, uh, i remember), with cousins & Manila Ocean Park, with Cousins (watched Acuatica musical fountain show), WTC for exhibits and bazaars.

DSC03198 DSC04566

DSC02020 DSC03545 

  • The Fort, early morning run with my sisters and some friends, dinner and coffee with friends at Serendra, Boni High and Venice Piazza.

11132010269 DSC03111 Dinner w-Khen-11

180 at Boracay

Our first ever Singles Retreat with Victory Family was last September 2009. Together with my Victory group, Cai, Libby, Bevs, Carol, Iris and Ron. I also invited my sister Jell to come with me, because I believe that God has so much in store for us for this retreat… More than the beautiful “Boracay Island” I’m very expectant that God will reveal His love and promises for every singles who will be part of this retreat.


Day 1 is our free time, we had a great day walking in the beach, enjoying the beautiful sunset…

oneighty@bora-012 oneighty@bora-025

And a welcome night, a good chance to meet new friends from Victory. Then dinner along the beach with my small group friends ;b

oneighty@bora-277 oneighty@bora-279

Day 2, we have our own version of amazing race, where we have to go around the island to look for some stuff and imitate pictures and take a good shot!

Copy of 19092009829oneighty@bora-033

And at night we have a luau a party, where every group prepares a presentation… This is also the awards night.

oneighty@bora-287 oneighty@bora-282

Day 3, is our free time! We choose to spend it with the rest of the singles for an island hopping, lunch & shopping at talipapa, dip in the beach, get a henna tattoo and do nothing while sitting in the white sands of Bora. It was one of the happiest part of this trip.

oneighty@bora-230oneighty@bora-291 Copy of 19092009824 oneighty@bora-242 oneighty@bora-099

At night we celebrate Bev’s bday at Starbucks, eat a cheap yummy barbeque and spend the rest of the night at bamboo lounge bar…

oneighty@bora-268 oneighty@bora-125

Day 4, before we leave the island, me & sis enjoy the turquoise colored water of the beach and took more pictures.

oneighty@bora-182 oneighty@bora-191

It’s my first time to have a Quiet Time along the beach and it’s such a wonderful experience. And these are God’s message for me, I was so oneighty@bora-031overwhelmed with His promises and Do’s actually… Proverbs 3:

  • He will prolong my life and & bring prosperity (if I keep God’s commands & teachings in my ❤
  • I will win favor & good name (if i’ll be faithful & loving)
  • He will make my paths straight (If i will trust in Him alone)
  • I will be healthy (if i will fear the Lord & shun evil)oneighty@bora-204
  • I will be bless with overflowing resources (finances) – if I honor the Lord with my wealth & give tithes.
  • Long life, riches & honor, peaceful paths, pleasant ways, blessings after blessings (if i seek Godly wisdom)
  • Confidence (if i will not fear & start trusting Him)
  • Grace (if i will be humble)

And oneighty@bora-108some Dont’s!!!

  • Do not withhold good for those who deserve it
  • Help NOW, tomorrow might be too late
  • Don’t plot your neighbor
  • Don’t envy violent man
  • Don’t accuse man for no reason

Or else I will have to face the consequences of disobedience.

Boracay never fails!

it’s my 3rd time in Boracay and the island never fails to amaze me! although the main purpose of our visit in Bora is to witness the wedding of our friend cai & nowell… We dont miss the opportunity to enjoy the island in the most tipid way we can..09092010084

We got super cheap plane fare mla-caticlan from airphil at P1,048 and kalibo-mla from PAL at P1,050. Check out weekly airline promos and mignight sale. Just be sure to book online once there’s available flight or else… Transfers from caticlan airport which includes tricycle (airport terminal to port) + boat ride + environmental fee + terminal fee + tricycle from port to our hotel at station 1 cost P220, (and if you’re be arriving or departing from kalibo just add P200-250 for van fare).

Day 1 Bowra-21

We stayed at MR Holidays P750/night with free set breakfast. We stayed at their family room, the room is cozy, clean, and the staff are super friendly. i highly recommend this budget friendly hotel. (although not located at the beachfront).

Day 1 Bowra-06

We had our lunch and dinner at Jonas (P100 up), Big Momma’s (P50 up), Andoks (P50 up), Talipapa (paluto) (P200 up), Manana (P200 up), Boracay Sweet Dreams (P300 up)… but the most sulit is Big Momma’s & paluto at Talipapa!

Day 1 Bowra-16

i also tried Hydo Zorb for P350… we had so much fun, its a must try in Boracay…

Day 3 Zorb-22

Bought some pasalubong from talipapa, anklets (P10), cute bracelets (P50), earrings (P20), native hat (P200) other pasalaubong from kalibo airpot like  piyaya (P35), danggit (P70).

Day 1 Bowra-03

Quiet Time Along the Shores of Boracay

My first QT in Bora was last year during the singles retreat! Most of the singles enjoy QT along the beach, so i also tried! and it’s worth it! Waking up early, looking for an isolated place, sitting in the sand, while  hearing the waves of the sea, with a panaromic view of sand, sea and sky, what a perfect setting to enjoy the presence of the Lord!

Last year, God reveals His amazing promises through Proverbs 3, this chapter is full pack of wisdom, God’s promises and a guide of do’s and dont’s to enjoy the blessings of the Lord! Prov 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;  in all your ways acknowledge him,  and he will make your paths straight. On Day 1, along the beach, i go back to this verse and God reminded me how much He has been faithful to me after a year! Indeed, God proven me that He kept His promises, He is faitful and He never change! On day 2, i read my life verse Joshua 1:9, and this day God has two powerful words for me “Be Strong & Courageous!” On day 3, while in bed i remember Jer 33:3, so i read that and this time God reminds me to call on Him and He will tell me great and unsearchable things i do not know and ends my last QT in Bora with Jer 33:11  “Give thanks to the LORD Almighty,  for the LORD is good;  his love endures forever.”

Truly God is good, His Love endures forever! He is our everlasting God, so it’s always good to wait upon the Lord!