Field Visit at Monsanto Chiang Rai

Field Visit at Monsanto Chiang Rai

Field Visit at Monsanto Chian Rai

Part of the Supply Chain and Customer Ops team meeting last January 2012 is to visit Monsanto Research field and office in Chiang Rai, Thailand. We travel 4 hours from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai by a very convenient, high-tech double decker tourist bus. I love the bus, because it is complete with chair massager, LCD TV, food, toilet, foot rest and blanket. I just forget to take a picture of it. We also have a chance to see great scenery of Northern part of Thailand.

In Monsanto Research Office, the Research team, present to us, what the team is doing for Monsanto AP. The people here are so nice, they offer us more food, wet towels, and lot of drinks.

Me and the rest of the team enjoy visiting the field, with all these green houses and vegetables around. We have a greater appreciation of our job and the products we offer to our customers.

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