The Candle of Hope

Night of December 1, 2016, my husband and I started another Christmas tradition – the “Advent Wreath.” Thank God for our church pastors & their families, who shared the importance of having family Christmas traditions. For reminding us to focus on … Continue reading

Haagen Dazs Choco Fondue

After Christmas dinner with my Victory group, we hang-out at Haagen Dazs in Alabang Town Center and tried their chocolate fondue. Sinful right?

Fondue @ Haagen Dazs-190101010105 IMG-3392

But we don’t care, its Christmas and its time to enjoy good food with good friends. We’re all hype and excited for our ice cream, choco fondue and toppings! woot^woot^

IMG-3396 Fondue @ Haagen Dazs-190101010107

After few hours…. Ang sarap naman kasi!!!

Fondue @ Haagen Dazs-190101010110

Putting Smiles at PGH ward patients

After the Cebu trip, on December first week, i catch-up with my personal preparations for Christmas 2010… I’m so not in the mood to buy gifts this early… Maybe because what matters to me now, is the question that running in my mind recently “How can i make Jesus smile in His birthday this 2010?”, and so I’m praying for that, and hollah, my ex-KC friend “tet” invited me to give and celebrate Christmas at PGH ward, i’m so happy to be part of this event, since I know this will make God smile! 🙂 even the patients & their family smile and cry when we bring out some food and simple gifts we prepared for them and as this children sung Christmas carols for them… Me & my sister, can’t help it, we cry… actually it’s a mix of emotions, i’m sad for these people who will celebrate Christmas in the hospital. I experience the sufferings of having a sick loved ones.

DSC04027 DSC04028

I also feel grateful that God has given me, my sister and my friends this opportunity to help the needy. I remember when Nanay was confined at PGH ward 15 years back, we are in lack in our finances, that we have cannot afford to send nanay in a private hospital. We even have to seek help from PCSO to assist us with hospital bills. I’m indeed thankful where God brings us now… We don’t even have to bother about this kind of emergencies. He blessed us so much now that we have to give back!