My Journey in Pursuing Higher Education


April 19, 2013 is one of the momentous events in my life. Finally, I wear this black & orange toga, (underneath is an off-white Forever 21 dress) and attended graduation rites together with 1,008 graduates of University of the Philippines Manila in PICC. Though I know I already completed my master’s degree last October, still it was wonderful feeling to march and to be recognized that finally after four semesters of joggling studies and work responsibilities, we made it. We completed the 36 units of management courses and surpassed all the challenges of being a working student.


Completing my master’s degree is not just pursuing higher education. It is saying “Yes” to God’s plan and fulfilling His destiny for me. Sounds weird though, but it is… Really… I realized that if God puts a dream into our hearts, He will satisfy it no matter what and how. When I was in high school I dream to go to UP for college, I guess it’s every competitive students dreamed of. But unfortunately I didn’t make it. So I went to PUP instead and forget about my UP dream. Who would have thought that after 10 years, I’ll be “Iskolar ng Bayan” again, this time from the Philippines’ premier institution of higher learning, University of the Philippines Manila.


It is very challenging, but God’s grace sustained me all throughout my two years journey of being a working student. It’s tough to excel both at work and academics, but during these two years, God made everything awesome! 3 out 4 semesters I was recognized as University and College Scholar and completed the course with GWA 1.29. That was a way higher grade when I was in college. I thank God for favor, for the wisdom and strength, for empowering me. Truly, Gods power at work can bring beyond normal breakthroughs in our lives.


Stretching your patience, hard work, knowing your priorities, discipline, balance life, valuing your network, learning humbly, maximizing resources and a dozen of prayers, value of education and love for our country, these are life lessons I’ve learned from this 2 years journey.


I also thank my nanay and my sister who never get tired of supporting me, (aside from allowing me to be excused from household chores). To my Tatay, who will always be my source of motivation and inspiration (coz he is y number one fan). To my ex-boss, Jayson for approving and encouraging me to pursue masters, for Vidal for being so understanding and allowing me to leave early and approving my vacation leaves. To Monsanto, who values higher education and have it in my DPR (and paid half of my tuition fees). To Ate Julie, who never get tired of assisting us in terms of schedules, requirements and administrative stuff. For my professors who share their expertise and life learned lessons to us, for my classmates who share same aspirations and burdens and who eventually became my friends. And finally to UP Manila, for sharing with me the UP brand “Iskolar ng Bayan” and for empowering me to value education and who stirs my heart to do something for our nation. Go Fight!


2012 Dreamsicle

ImageI don’t know about you but for me, a brand new year really excites me. If December is a great time for me to thank God for the countless blessings, trials surpassed, problems solved, relationships restored, atittude changed and prayers answered. While, January is the time to renew our dreams, to plan, to set life direction and to choose the path  where you want to be. Every year I set goals, the things i want to achieve… But since 2009 when i join Victory’s prayer & fasting, i learned to set faith goals instead – Faith goals because it is not about what you want and how will you achieve it, but it’s about seeking what God wants, and how He will make your goals your dreams happened!

This 2012, it’s kinda different process for me, I participate in 2012 prayer & fasting, pray, meditate on His word and list down what God tells me to do. And it gets me more excited as i realized that it is a harvest season for me this year! It was a unique and wonderful experience… I started with a 3 day Daniel fast in the Philippines, prayer and worship while in-transit from Manila, to Bangkok, to Chiangmai, to Chiangrai. And finally, in 3rd week of January i have my 2012 Faith Goals set, and believe me God has even answered most of them in January!

And to summarize my 2012 Dreamsicle, this 2012 I will: have a deeper relationship with God, keep in step with God, keep doing good, live healthy, work smarter, graduate with flying colors in my MBA, achieve positive cash flow, live life to the full, learn new things and try new experiences.


By the way, i choose “butterfly” shape for my faith goals collage because i believe this year I will fly, spread my wings and conquer my dreams!

My Promise Land

Block 8 Lot 18 Phase 2 Golden Meadows, Sta. Rosa, Laguna


I went here yesterday, not just to visit but to pray and claim to conquer this 135 sqm land. God gave this to me in 2004. The Lord provided faithfully for down payment to amortization. Until in 2010, i was not able to pay my mortgage… Why? Because of my lifestyle. I was not able to control my spending habits. But thank God after a year, He made me realized that i have to face this problem, deal with it and trust Him! So this month, i will start again! I pray and trust God more this time. I know He is my provider.

You will be blessed when you come in and blessed when you go out (Deuteronomy 28:6).

God promised us abundance and protection of crops for those who obey Him!

A Decade of Dreams

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Inspired by the Purpose Drive life series, i will start to refocus, this is by simply creating another set of 10 year goals… it’s been a decade since i wrote my long-term goal and faithfully pray for it, i was 18 then, a student, a dreamer, very optimistic and very passionate to do everything just to make my dreams come true. And today, after 10 years, as i review my long-term goal, I can say that God has been faithful to me, the dreams that He instill in my heart is the very thing that happened  to me, during my 10 years journey… both dreams that was remembered and forgotten, roller-coaster experiences that fulfilled my life. A successful career in a corporate world, a place where i can start building my dream house, a brand new car, discover, travel and see new places, study in UP, gadgets, clothes, bags, eat at fancy restaurants, sleep in luxurious hotels, spa treatments, numerous hang-outs (dinner,movies, out-of-town) with family & friends, beaches,  whoah, amazing! I can say that it’s been a fruitful 10 years of my life! and I’m so grateful. #iThankGod

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