Training For Victory

Training For Victory

Training For Victory

Last year one of my spiritual faith goals was achieved… It is to participate and graduate Training for Victory. I really love to join this training because i know, all the things i can learn from this will help me to grow deeper in my relationship with God. And i’m right, actually I discover it’s more than that… Through this intensive training i have stronger spiritual foundation, i learned the value of quiet times with God, i learned that God wants to overflow us with so much blessings so that we can bless others. After training for victory, I am now more confident to share my faith with my family & friends.

Thanks to Victory Alabang, to all the Pastors, John, Sonny, Ariel, Jonathan, King, Jansen, Dexter, and the rest of the speackers who have shared the goodness and faithfulness of God in their lives.

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Awesome EN2010

i missed EN 2010 experience! i miss praising God while the building literally shakes and trembles while everyone sing and dance for joy as we worship our amazing God, Jesus! this is the best place to be “in the presence of the Lord”, worshipping & praising God together with other believers from different nation is such a taste of heaven! awesome 🙂 God’s love and faithfulness for us is really awesome…

each day, God has different message for me. Here’s my notes:

Ptr. Grace message ♥♡♥There is love, victory, favor, in the table of the Lord. There’s enough in the table of the Lord. God invites us to feast in the table He prepares for us! what a privilege isn’t it?

Ptr. Rice Brooks ♥♡♥ Change the campus, change the world!

Efren Penaflorida’s ♥♡♥ Serve. Serve others above yourself. Be happy to serve!

Darlene Zsech’s ♥♡♥ We are created to give glory, not to receive glory ♥♡♥ Stay hungry to honor God ♥♡♥ Speak out the love of God in your life ♥♡♥ we exist to make disciple, not to make a celebrity

Ptr. Jackie ♥♡♥ If we do God’s business, God will take care of our business

Ptr. Steve ♥♡♥ Honor! Honor is designed to remind where our place is..

Ptr. Yesupadam ♥♡♥ This is the message of love, hope, this is a message that has power to save and transform lives!

What greatly strikes me is the realization of we exists because of a higher purpose. More than being blessed, being a blessing to family and friends, we exist to blessed others! We are created by God not just to live and be merry, but also to be a blessing to others. We have to stop sometimes and reach out to other people and love them, like what Jesus did.