A Beauty Worth Pursuing

kim-kardashianThis morning I was watching extreme celebrity, where female celebrities who got pregnant, gain weight, and has a strong desire to lose weight again, be sexy, get back in shape and look hot. I think its a distorted view of beauty. Yes, Every woman, longs to be beautiful, but not just that, but to be truly captivating. We desire to be pursued, wooed and loved. I do! As a woman, I’m in awe and feel so grateful every time i see something or someone beautiful. I also want to look good and beautiful all the time. This desire, is Gods nature reflected to woman, our God is beautiful, captivating, glorious, majestic. Yes, Beautiful Jesus. When we desire to be like Jesus, our beauty will starts from the inside, and will radiate in the outside.

Below is an article from Ransomed heart, entitle, a beauty worth pursuing…

The desire to be beautiful is an ageless longing. Beauty has been extolled and worshiped and kept just out of reach for most of us. (Do you like having your picture taken? Do you like seeing those pictures later? How do you feel when people ask you your age? This issue of beauty runs deep!) For others, beauty has been shamed, used, and abused. Some of you have learned that possessing beauty can be dangerous. And yet—and this is just astounding—in spite of all the pain and distress that beauty has caused us as women, the desire remains.

And it’s not just the desire for an outward beauty, but more—a desire to be captivating in the depths of who you are. Cinderella is beautiful, yes, but she is also good. Her outward beauty would be hollow were it not for the beauty of her heart. That’s why we love her. In The Sound of Music, the Countess has Maria beat in the looks department, and they both know it. But Maria has a rare and beautiful depth of spirit. She has the capacity to love whiskers on kittens and mean-spirited children. She sees the handiwork of God in music and laughter and climbing trees. Her soul is Alive. And we are drawn to her.

Ruth may have been a lovely, strong woman, but it is to her unrelenting courage and vulnerability and faith in God that Boaz is drawn. Esther is the most beautiful woman in the land, but it is her bravery and her cunning, good heart that moves the king to spare her people. This isn’t about dresses and makeup . . . Don’t you recognize that a woman yearns to be seen and to be thought of as captivating? We desire to possess a beauty that is worth pursuing, worth fighting for, a beauty that is core to who we truly are. We want beauty that can be seen; beauty that can be felt; beauty that affects others; a beauty all our own to unveil.

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Body & Mind Renewed at Zen Sai Spa


One of the reward I give to myself is a monthly spa treatment, whether its a body massage, body scrub or foot spa, I always go to a spa to renew my body & mind. My mom, sister and me tried Zen Sai Spa in BF Homes, Paranaque City, Metro Manila. I bought this Body Massage & Salt Srcub package from http://www.metrodeal.com.

Zen Sai Spa is a Japanese themed Spa. “Zen” is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese character “chan,” which is in turn the Chinese translation from the Indian Sanskrit term “dhyana,” which means meditation. While “Sai” means weapon. So this means that a “Meditation” can be our weapon.Image

Inside the spa are 6 traditional Japanese houses which can accommodate 2 persons for a massage/scrub treatment. Massage beds are in the floor, equipped with air-conditioned and speakers playing spa music.


Before the massage starts we have to wear this cute pink Japanese Kimono.

Body massage is soothing and calming. Though my neck got stiffed because the bed is not the ideal massage bed.

What’s in my Bag?

I love http://www.femalenetwork.com feature “What’s in A Bag?” They look into local celebrities, editor, students, models bag. I always have this fascination of whatever inside their bag. Ladies bag and everything inside it expose most of her personality. Aminin, we can’t leave our house without that large tote or small bag. So i also want to share mine, Here’s what’s inside my bag recently…


You can find, eyeglasses, discount coupon vouchers, F21 sunglasses, car keys, Pei Pa Koa candy, Doublemint Gum, Company/University ID, One-2-One booklet, USB, hairbrush, highlighter, Maybelline Face Powder, Faceshop BB cream & brush, Nature Republiq eyeliner, hand lotion, Human Nature sanitizer, tote bag, colored & plain lip balm, dental floss, Mango wallet, credit/debit cards, facial tissue and coin purse.


My dependable Mango Croc bag carries it all.

Human Nature 100% Organic, Proudly Pinoy

I’ve been using Human Nature products since last year. I’ve started applying Sunflower Day Moisturizer given by my friend cai. Then, when i knew the harm of chemical ingredients in hair, skin and health, I started researching about organic products. I tried hair and skin products from Healthy Options, but since it’s kinda expensive compare to commercially available i get curious and research on Human Nature. And i’m so happy to find out that they have wide selection product. I register to be a dealer to avail 25% discount.


Dealers Kit for P800


My second purchase, HN strengthening shampoo and conditioner, HN Avocado and Gugo Bark Hair Mask, Honey Night Moisturizer, and Love Minerals Pressed Powder.


My next purchase are orders from family and friends. Best buy are sunflower beauty oil, hand sanitizer, strengthening shampoo and conditioner.


Currently part of my daily beauty regimen are Human Nature strengthening shampoo and conditioner, Collagen Night Moisturizer, Balancing Toner Hand Sanitizer in Bubble Gum scent, Feminine Wash and Hand & Body Lotion.

To order please contact me or register as dealer go to http://www.humanheartnature.com, don’t forget to include me as your dealer, here’s my dealer code: 119570

Shopping in Bukit Bintang

Bukit Bintang is our last stop in the KL Hop-on Hop off tour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is the shopping district in area, so if you’re a shopaholic, you shouldn’t miss this place in your KL trip.


Sephora diamond shape  flagship store is love.


KL Pavillion is one of the largest shopping malls in KL.


Wishing fountain in Royal Serangoon.


Locals performing their native dance.


School’s out, Adventure’s In. Watch out Spiderman.


Evil’s Sale?

All Naturals from Honey at Ilog Maria

For a new driver like me 2 years ago, going at Ilog Maria store in Cavite is not easy. But nothing stops Cai and the rest of the girls to look for this place.

Vcfgirls @ Tagaytay-016

Vcfgirls @ Tagaytay-013 Vcfgirls @ Tagaytay-014

Ilog Maria’s products are 100% natural made from Honey and other organic ingredients. Face srub (left) is made of honey + oatmeal while the massage oil (right) is made of honey + coconut oil + ginger.

Vcfgirls @ Tagaytay-015

Various body, facial and feminine soap made from honey, papaya, mint, lemon, cinnamon and more.

Vcfgirls @ Tagaytay-017

Us Girls at Manila Hotel

Studio 23 Us Girls, invited me to be part of their anniversary. And so i accepted the invites, i also invited my sister Jelome and my friend Ron to join me. We went all the way from Laguna to Manila Hotel. Literally, we are “extra” in this taping. We met other fans/girls, and we haven’t get a chance to meet Us Girls host Iya, Angel & Cheska. But thanks Us Girls for the gift packs and the experience, which after this event, i’m not a fan of Us Girls anymore. lol.

us girls (3)

More fans of Us girls acting like we’re C2 models. Yay!

us girls (17)

The new Manila Hotel

us girls (42)Ron, Me & Jell taking pictures at Manila Hotel lobby.

   us girls (31) us girls (59)