6 Hours Layover in Hongkong

I love Hongkong, this is one of my favorite city, and will most likely come back over and over again! So when I had the option to choose a connecting flight going to Surabaya, I choose Hongkong over Singapore. Good thing, that the layover is almost 6 hours, I have the opportunity to go out from the airport and go to Tung Chung where Citygate Outlets is located! Here are some tips if you plan to go out during your layover period:

  • Research, search the web. Refer to other travelers experience on lay-over. Ask your airline or travel agency if going out is possible.
  • If you are a Filipino you don’t need a visa going out, all you have to do is to line-up in the immigration to go out. It will take 30 minutes to 1 hour, from arrival to immigration.


  • To be sure, ask, ask, ask. Ask airport staff, tell them that you have connecting flight at this time and you want to go out, when is the safest time to go back.


  • If you only have less than 6 hours, go to Tung Chung for cable car and outlet shopping or to Asia World Expo for exhibit or conference. This place is just 15-20 minutes away from airport via S1 bus.
  • As for me, I went shopping. Citygate Outlets is always on sale, among my favorite brands here are Nike, Adidas, Coach, Mango, Swatch, Crocs, Esprit, Levis and Polo Ralph Lauren/


  • Coach sale can be crazy, aside from 30% off, they can give another 20% off one day sale.


  • You might want to buy a hand-carry luggage to carry all the things you shop. Like I did, I bought this red American Tourister luggage for HKD$670.


  • Going back, take S1 bus, this will bring you to the airport in 15 minutes.


  • Go back to HK airport at least 2 hours before your flight. Immigration counter might take too long.
  • There’s a huge duty free shops inside Hongkong airport, so you can go around while waiting for your fllight.

6 hours is not enough…. i wish i have more time…


Best Trips in 2010

A great journey will never be complete without travel and trips with family and friends. Whether it’s a business trip or a personal one, whether it’s planned or unplanned, whether it’s outside the country, out of town or just around, it rocks my 2010! I just love discovering new places and going back to old places.

  • HongKong with my super love mader and jell. 2010 faith goals answered, a dream come true.

DSC02480 DSC02215

  • Boracay (fun with Victory group & Cai ♥ Nowell wedding) i get to know and appreciate the girls & the friendship even more.

Day 3 Zorb-02 61147_442262072000_724392000_5714130_5513494_n

  • Bulacan, visit my lola Mileng together with my cousins & nephews. Lola, was so happy to see us and that she visited this resort.

DSC02996 DSC03044

  • Tagaytay & Nuvali, the most reliable out-of-town chill-out place for me, my family & friends.

DSC03498 Vcfgirls @ Tagaytay-077

  • Batangas, quick summer getaway at Canyon Cove with my sister & nanay.

DSC02852 DSC02942

  • Davao, for stressful S&OP meeting (at least we stayed at Marco Polo) & Tarlac, for Luzon BU meeting (we stayed at Hacienda Luisita). During my Davao trip, i realized that i miss going out-of-town for work and i appreciate, thank God for the opportunity. Honestly, because i’m so used to it, i just take this for granted.

08312010075 10042010153

  • Cebu, for Monsanto National Conference & Christmas party and for pre-Christmas vacay of nanay & jell.

DSC02641(crop)highblue 06122010025 DSC03994 DSC03964

  • SMX, for EN 2010 (worship),  a taste of heaven, really. Where people from every nation worship ONE GOD! Here i told myself, this the best place to be “in the presence of the Lord.”

23072010011 24072010016

  • Manila, Milo run, Mall of Asia trips with my nanay (reconciliation, uh, i remember), with cousins & Manila Ocean Park, with Cousins (watched Acuatica musical fountain show), WTC for exhibits and bazaars.

DSC03198 DSC04566

DSC02020 DSC03545 

  • The Fort, early morning run with my sisters and some friends, dinner and coffee with friends at Serendra, Boni High and Venice Piazza.

11132010269 DSC03111 Dinner w-Khen-11

My Family in Hongkong

This trip is a dream come true but it seems that the first out of the country trip with my family turnout to be little bit struggle because this week is the same week, when Lolo was confined in the hospital for almost 2 weeks and the day before our flight (which was scheduled 8 months ahead) he passed away. I’m really confused if we will still go or we will just stay. I have to make a decision, a right decision. After praying, we choose to go, we realized that our presence during the wake will not make any difference for lolo, though our relatives and friends may raised their eyebrows, I don’t care, they will forget about it after some time anyways. Besides, I’ve been there for lolo, even visit him every day when he was confined in San Pedro Doctors Hospital, that what matters most! We enjoyed the trip, but our heart is still  crying for the lost of a loved one, so we decided to re-booked our flight 1 day earlier to say goodbye to lolo.

Hongkong Travel Diary


One of my bucket list is to experience winter and I did! During our Hongkong trip last February 2010, its winter in Hongkong, but unfortunately – no snow, hahaha! Anyways, the bone-chilling experience is enough, Philippines never get this cold anyways.


My favorite character in HK, Citygate Outlet Store Mascot, Mango, Nike, Esprit, Crocs, RL and a lot more 50%-70% SALE   hahaha.


In Avenue of the Stars, sobrang lamig dito promise!


Boyfriend ni Jell 🙂


Cruise with me baby!


Follow the stars!

Fanciful Hongkong Disneyland

We spend our second day in Hongkong Disneyland. It’s really magical, from Disneyland train, entrance gate, architecture, rides, Disney Character, Shows, and Disney Parade! It’s really a dream come true for nanay and Jell. What a fantastic experience!


My sister Jell inside the train going to Disneyland, cheapest and fastest way going to Disneyland.


We’re both excited and amazed.


Me and Nanay with Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse made of fresh flowers!


We line up for 30 minutes just for photo op with Winnie the Pooh.


Me, Jell & Nanay with Chip and Dale.


It’s a Small World after All.


The Lion King Extravagant Show! Grabe and production, bonggels!


I used to watch Disney Parade in TV when i was a kid, and this time I’m watching it live. (Aaaaaw)


Goofy and Pluto ang bumibida sa stage!


The 4D movie experience.


Back to the Future Ride


Sleeping Beauty’s castle


Hongkong Disneyland

TIP: Book your ticket on-line, a week or days ahead of your visit. You can easily go there by train, bus or cab. Watch the fanciful fireworks at night before you leave the park. Don’t forget your camera or video recorder to capture the magical moments.