#TeamSanchez Goes to Camaya Coast


Finally, road tripping with my cousins was off my bucket list. Last summer (June 2014) #TeamSanchez goes to Camaya Coast, located in Mariveles, Bataan.  At sinong may pasimuno, syempre ako! 🙂 I love spending time with my cousins. Though we lived in the same place at Aser Sanchez Compound, we rarely spend time together growing up. Buti pa nung mga bata kame, when life is just simple, we all have same schedule in class, and in the afternoon after we do our homework we can play. And this is one of those rare times we can travel together.

We avail this one day tour pass cost P800, including lunch and free use of bike and kayak from Metrodeal. We rented a van from Binan, Laguna to Camaya Coast, P7,000/van including toll fees and fuel. You may contact Doy, (0925) 8686180, I highly recommend.


We enjoyed the beach. It’s high tide so we’re not able to try kayak.


Sinong mas creative, sinong bet nyo? Team Aser o Team Silang?


Team Aser


Team Silang



Frisbee in action!


Infinity pool!



Around Camaya Coast…

IMG_4205 IMG_4204 IMG_4185

 In spite of negative reviews from trip advisor, about the deal, we choose to go and thank God, we have a great time! Buffet lunch is overflowing, they served, fish fillet, pansit, grilled chicken, chopsuey, and fresh fruits.


Single’s Escape at Blue Coral Beach Resort

It’s been 5 years since I joined my first and last ever Victory Alabang single’s retreat. In 5 years, ang dami nang nagbago. Cai, our VG leader, is like our mother, she looks after us and ensure that we’re having … Continue reading

Vertical Trek to Magdapio Falls


Magdapio Falls is located between Cavinti and Pagsanjan, Laguna. I just knew that Magdapio Falls was used to be the famous Pagsanjan Falls. I lived in Laguna, but never been around. So, instead of the usual Tagaytay roadtrip with my friend, we head on to Cavinti, Laguna to see th falls. Pagsanjan is 2.5 hr from Manilla, while Cavinti is 3 hrs from Manila. Continue reading

Honda Bay Photo Tricks

All Honda Bay boatmen were trained to this  photo tricks. I am really impressed of the talent creativity of this simple locals of Puerto Princesa. Filipinos are really talented. It’s not just the island who attracts tourists, but even the kindness, hospitality, passion and talent of Pinoys! I’m so proud to be Pinoy.

Heto na ang mga bonggang-bonggang camera tricks, na pilit man naming gayahin on our own, di namin keri…

Photo Op wi, at Starfish Island. Mabigat sis, nakakalaki ng muscle…


 Si mother dear, pakitang gilas, isang finger lang, kering-keri ang starfish!


 At syempre ang mag-jowa, nagtutulukan… Di ko magets promise, SJ and Ap-ap? Anong drama nyo dito?

ImageDavid and Goliath, Joy as Goliath and Faith as David (Chos!)Image

David and Goliath “the lovestory”, Lovers SJ as Goliath and Ap-ap as David.


 David and Goliath “Family Matters”, Joy as Goliath and Jell as David.


May galit sa Coke? Si Princess, pwede pa, since nagwork sa Pepsi ang Papa nya, pero si Eillor ano ang moda?



 At walang awa, pinagtulungan pa…


Syempre may witch effect din, with flying broom ang lovers na si Ap-ap and SJ.Image

 At ang bagong pina-uso namin ni sister, tadan… “My Havaianas and I”, push!


 Of course, ang aking travel buddy na si Pink Flashy Havs goes to Cowrie Island!


At si siter, gumagaya… lol

Tagaytay Highlands Birthday Travel Diary

I celebrated my 27th birthday in Tagaytay Highlands with nanay & sister Jell. I also invited my tita Josie & Lilia and my cousin Jayjay to come with us. I’ve been in Tagaytay so many times already, but i don’t have the chance to visit Highlands since this place is exclusive for members only. But thank God for my officemate/friend Ghia, her mom used to be a member, so we’re in!


Such a great place, you will never think that you’re still in the Philippines. Fresh air, pine trees, plants and flowers surround the area, few people around, quiet and serene!

DSC01218 DSC01389

There’s a garden and animal farm inside. We love the flowers and jayjay so love the animals in the farm!

IMG_3255 IMG_3284

We also enjoyed riding in funicular, where you can experience top view of tagaytay highlands. We dip in their pool too!

IMG_3333 DSC01374

This day is very remarkable for me because it’s my first time to eat fresh green salad! Since then, i love eating salad! Thank you tagaytay highlands, now i’m one step healthier.


Punta Fuego Road Trip Diary

 Monsanto goes to Club Punta Fuego, in Nasugbu, Batangas for 2008 family outing. It was a great break getaway from the usual workdays spent in the office. A change of scene, nothing as wonderful as the sun, sky and sand in one of the Philippines beaches.

Overlooking the beach

Overlooking the beach

Overlooking the beach

Overlooking the beach

The Infinity Pool

The Infinity Pool

The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse


The Beach

The Beach


My colleague friends Lai and Ghia together with our sisters, Jell, Gail and Che.

My colleague friends Lai and Ghia together with our sisters, Jell, Gail and Che.