40 Things I Saw in Japan That I Wish I Can Bring in Philippines

I was prettty impressed of efficiency and practicality of Japanese. Maybe this is what I really wanted to see, that’s why I really dreamed of going to Japan (than US, Europe). What makes the diffrence are advanced technology, efficient process and … Continue reading

How I Got My Japan Visa?

For Filipinos, processing of Japan visa is through travel agency. For tourist, Japan embassy gives single or mutilple entry for 15 days. Thank God, Multiple entry for 3 years was given to me.

I availed service of Discovery Tour to process my Japan Visa, because they are the cheapest, P800 (others cost P1000-1500). Plus they also have pick-up and delivery service, it’s very convenient as I don’t have to go to their office to submit requirements and pick-up my visa stamp passport. Just add P400 for courier fee, and you save time, energy and money. Continue reading

10 (11) Days of Japan


Day 1: 10 Days Japan Solo Chic Travel Starts Now
• Manila-Kansai
• Check-in: Hotel Chuo, Dobutsuenmae, Tenojji, Osaka

Day 2: Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom at Osaka
• Osaka Castle Park (Cherry Blossoms Spot)
• Osaka Castle Museum
• Osaka Mint Bureau for Hanami – Cherry Blossoms Viewing
• Kema Sakura-nomiya Park (Cherry Blossoms Spot)
• Umeda Sky Building
• Osaka Station (largest station in Osaka, get around for dining, shopping)
• Bike around Tenojji (scouting place for dinner)

Day 3: Easy Sunday Morning at Nara and Colorful Night at Namba
Walk-around Nara
o Nara Park (features hundreds of freely roaming deer)
o Kofukuji Temple
o Yoshuiken Garden
o Isuien Garden
o Todaiji Temple
o Sanjusangendo Hall
o Ninna-ji Temple
Check-in: Hotel Mikado, Dobutsuenmae, Tenojji, Osaka
Walk around Namba (lively city for food, shopping, and more)
o Dotonbori
o Shinshaibashi
o Minami (Namba)
o Namba Grand Kagetsu

Day 4: Sayonara Osaka, Konichiwa Kyoto
Bike around Tenojji, (recommended to bike at night, maraming happenings)
o Tenojji Tower
o Tenojji Zoo
o Osaka Shinekai
Travel from  Osaka –Kyoto
Check-in: Santiago Guesthouse (Go around Kyoto by bus instead of trains)
• Kiyomizudera  Temple
•  Higashiyama District

Day 5: Kyoto Temple Run
o Philosophers path
o Ginkakuji Temple
o  Nanzenji
Northern Kyoto
o Kinkakuji Golden Pavillion
o Ninnaji Temple
Southern Kyoto
o  Fushimi Inari Shrine
o  Gion District

*Temples are accessible by Kyoto 1 day unlimited bus pass, cost JPY500 except for Fushimi Inari Shrine, access this place by bus to Kyoto Station, and ride a JR train to Fushimi Inari Station

Day 6: Oh My Tokyo Dream
Travel from Kyoto to Tokyo via Shinkansen (First Bullet Train ride, bucket list check)
Check-in: Business Hotel Fukusen
• Odawara
o Odawara Castle Park
• Shinagawa
• Tokyo viewing at Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Shinjuku, (free)
• Tokyo Station

Day 7: Hide and Seek with Mt. Fuji
• Gotemba, see Mt. Fuji from this area (not recommended because of 2.5 hrs travel)
o Gotemba Outlet Store (bought Coach bag for 48% discount)
• Akihabara
• Ueno

Day 8: Yes, yes, Tokyo
o Gundam Statue
o Fuji TV Building
o Divers City
o Venus Fort
o Toyota Car Museum
Shibuya, Join thousands of people cross at Shibuya Crossing, watched Tokyo Scramble Art and 2nd level of Starbucks Shibuya
• Harajuku & Omote Sando
Travel from Tokyo to Yokohama

Day 9: Girl Time at Yokohama

  • Motomachi
  • Yamashita Park
  • Red Bricks/World Porters
  • Cup Noodles Museum
  • Minato Mirai
  • Yokohama Stadium for Tulips in full bloom
  • Kannai, shopping

Day 10: Awesome Japan because of an Awesome God
• Attend Easter Sunrise Service Yokohama Grace Bible Church, Yokohama
• Lunch at Yokohama
• Travel from Yokohama to Kansai Airport
😦 Sad, I missed my 840 flight back to the Philippines, so I slept at Kansai Airport

Day 11: What is adventure without great misadventure?
• Walk-around Kansai airport early morning
• I miss home, yes, finally, I’m coming home from Kansai to Manila

I thank God for being with me for 11 days. Everywhere I go, God’s presence is with me. That’s His promise for me in Joshua 1:9. Yes, everything I saw in Japan is beautiful. My first solo travel experience is captivating. I’m glad I made it solo in Japan!


“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9


15 Budget Tips When Travelling in Japan

From the blogs I read, traveling in Japan is expensive.  So I carefully planned my 10 days solo travel in the land of the rising sun. I travelled in 7 cities Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Odawara, Tokyo, Gotemba and Yokohama. I spent JPY 130,000 … Continue reading