Malapascua Island Travel Diary

DSC00379I’ve just posted several blogs about our Malapascua Island, Cebu experience these past few days. This is one of my travel highlights in 2012. Though it’s my 6th time
in Cebu, It’s my first time in Northern part of Cebu, and besides I travel with my new found friends whose way younger than me. The girls vibrant and carefree energy revived my teenage spirit again, how i miss that!

Anyways, if you’re planning a trip to Malapascua here’s a complete guide, from transportation, budget, accommodation, food and things to do in the island…

How to get there?

1) From Manila you need to book a flight going to Cebu City. There are so many flights going to Cebu PAL, Cebu Pacific, Zest Air and Tiger Airways has flights. In this  trip we’re blessed to avail Tiger Airways P545 (USD14) promo fare.DSC00307

2) From Cebu Airport, hire a cab going to Cebu North bus Terminal this cost around P200-P250 (USD5).

3) In North bus terminal you can either ride a bus (P170) (USD4) or a van (P180-200) (USD5) going to Malay Port. I suggest you choose van as this would take you only 3 hours, while bus will consume more time around 4-5 hours.

4) And finally, from Malay Port you have to take a boat for an hour going to Malapascua Island (P100) (USD3).

Tip: Travel time from Cebu City to Malpascua Island may take 5-6 hours so be sure to bring food and water along with you.

Where to Stay?

We had a very good experience staying in Malapascua Garden Resort for P2,000/night for 4 (USD50). I definitely recommend this hotel.

If you want to stay in a beachfront you can try Exotic Island Dive and Beach Resort, Evolution Diving Site,

Where to Eat?

Since the girls love food… And really want to try all the recommended restaurants in the island. We have our breakfast in the resort, we also have our lunch and dinner in these restaurants:

  • Craic House (P300-P400) is an Irish Bar owned by Evolution Diving Resort. Located at the beachfront. The dishes are unique, yet scrumptious. Each servings is good for two, so you may want to have someone share a meal with you to save.
  • Ocean Vida Restaurant (P350-500) is located at the beach front. They serve Asian and European dishes. The food is a little pricey, small servings for not so good food.DSC00418
  • Exotic Bar and Restaurant (P300-P500) here we tried their Exotic Giant Burger. This is also a must try! Since the burger is really BIG, you can also share it with your friend.
  • Ging-gings restaurant (P75-P120) is very affordable, they serve great food, the restaurant has simple and laid-back ambiance. Since most of the island guest eat here, you have to be patient to wait for your food to be serve. If you’re in a budget you can have all your meals here 🙂 They serve the best food among all other restaurants we tried.

What to do?

  • If you love diving, or opt to try, this is the best place to dive. Malapascua is known as one of the best diving sites in the world. Anyways, if you don’t want to dive you can go island hopping, snorkeling, bike, run, visit the lighthouse or walk along the beach or just dip into Malapascua’s clear water and relax!


Exploring Malapascua Island

Island hopping is the best way to explore the island. It’s our planned activity for our second day in Malapascua, we off to the beach early morning at 7 am. Ate offers a refer a boatman who can bring us to island. Boat rental, tour and snorkeling gear cost P2,100 (USD52). But according to some locals there we can get cheaper rates so be sure to ask and compare price if you have enough time. Island hopping takes 4-5 hours so be sure to bring snacks, water and sunblock.


We haven’t started the island adventure yet, but look what we’ve found?! These super cute starfishes scattered along the beach coast. At si Mae, ayaw paawat sa picture with starfish…


And we’re ready to go… We were guided by two super kind boatmen! Gow kuya, gow!



Ayan na ang mga “Eat Girls” excited na tumalon sa dagat! Di masyadong prepare sa bikini si Georgina oh! chos!


Ayun oh, ligayang ligaya sa tubig 🙂


Before we climb this little mountain behind us…


Our second stop is the lighthouse at the island, this is not part of the usual island hopping itinerary but since we do our research we requested Kuya to bring us there. Yes, possible that we get there, pero tiisin nga lang namin ang mga talahib going up. But it’s all worth it.


My baby pink flash havs first step in a light house.


The next snorkeling site is an old ship wreck underneath this part of the ocean. I don’t have a photo, but believe me it’s a different feeling to see this old ship, feeling mo lang may soul na hihila sa paa mo and will drown you to death. Wala lang, ganun lang ang imagination ko and the rest of the girls so sandali lang kame nag stay dito.


The last stop is another snorkeling site and i can say pinaka bongga sa lahat! Ang gaganda ng mga fishes at super dami…. At may mga parts ma super lalim.


The view going back to the island.


Photo Credits: Sean Racadio

The Bounty Beach of Malapascua Island

Cosmpolitan PH magazine’s Top 10 beaches in the Philippines. It’s a must visit for those who are into diving. The island is known for “Thresher Sharks” according to google you can only find it her. I haven’t seen one, and we didn’t dive when we went here.


So since, I’m not a diver, I just love beach,  I don’t enjoy the place as much as I enjoy Boracay. Malapascua Island is isolated, there’s nothing much to do but to bum around (if you’re not diving). There’s few tourist, mostly Europeans, Americans and Koreans.


If you’re looking for a serene and tranquil place, well this place is for you!




And this is my favorite photo: Local kids playing at the beach!