Is There Anything Too Hard for the Lord?

“Is anything too hard for the Lord?” I will return to you and at the appointed time next year and Sarah will have a son.” Genesis 18:14

Sarah is in doubt that she’ll have a son because she’s way old already. The Bible says she’s old and well advance in years. That’s why she laughs when Abraham told her about God’s promise to them. That she will bear a child and they will have a son. I imagine Sarah telling Abraham, “Hello Lord! Are you kidding me? Me? Delivering a child? C’mon Now!” But God says “Is anything too hard for me?” Why did she laugh about it? Sometimes I’m like Sarah, I think like her, practical or I lack faith. I forget that my God is so BIG and POWERFUL that He can do anything, even impossible things for men. Today, I am confident to know that my God is really POWERFUL, nothing is impossible with Him.

In this verse, God emphasize the “appointed time.” He could just allow Sara to get pregnant immediately when she heard her laugh, to prove that He can do it and He mean it. But the Lord choose to do it in His appointed time that was “next year.” Good for Sarah that God reveal to her His timelines.

I’m slowly grasping the essence of waiting for Gods perfect timing for everything. As I wait for God answers to my prayer, I can’t help to be like Sarah, fearful, and sometimes doubtful. Whatever breakthroughs we’re waiting for whether its in the area of finances, relationships, career or health. Remember, God hears us, and there’s nothing too hard for the Lord. The season of waiting will bring us to change (cool change) patience, optimism, contentment, determination, deeper faith and closer relationship with God. Though, unlike with Sara the promise we’re waiting from God don’t have a timeline. We can rest our confidence to our able, faithful and loving God who knows the best for us!



April 2012 is a remarkable month for my career in Monsanto and in my life too! I received a big time blessing, God finally rewarded me with promotion to a managerial level, finally! Truely God has his own wonderful ways for me to get there!

Looking back, as I read my journal notes last April 14 2012, I remember Queen Esther’s story before she was crowned as a queen. There are preparations, waiting times and sacrifices before God finally crown her as a queen… And because, she obey God and she chose to honor God, God’s will for her life happened exactly, and even more than she expected it to be. Favor surrounds her. That how God is… He always surpassed our dreams and expectations.

Two years ago, I’ve been desperately longing for promotion breakthrough in my career. Monsanto managers feedback about me is that me being soft spoken, shy, quite hinders my promotion. They told me that I need to improve on this. When I heard this, I don’t have any idea on how can i improve on this, how can i transform myself to become extrovert and loud, when i know very well, that I don’t have that kind of personality, that’s not God how designed me. But God has amazing ways, one day, He called me to pursue Master in Business Management in University of the Philippines – Manila. It’s out of my personal long term plans. There I gain more confidence, knowledge and wisdom. I’ve learned so much from my 2 years MBA experience in UP. Along with that, I even didn’t noticed how God transform me into a more confident, expressive, stronger, woman… Though I don’t have to change my personality (because this is really impossible), nor be hard at people (this is not necessary to be a
good leader, and this is not the kind of leadership that God want), I believe I  gained respect in the workplace.

World’s view is different from Word’s (Bible) view. God places kings and queens in His Kingdom! I believe He can do the same thing with us. I believe that God
promoted me at this point of time because He wants me to fulfill His purpose in my life. That is to honor Him and be a blessing to every nation.

Like Queen Esther, “So he set a royal crown on her head and made her a queen.” Esther was surrounded with favor ever since the search for a queen begun. From an ordinary lady in her town to being the Queen of the land, who saves her people. Only God can do this kind of transformation. That is when we allow Him to change us and allow her to work in our behalf.

Quiet Time Along the Shores of Boracay

My first QT in Bora was last year during the singles retreat! Most of the singles enjoy QT along the beach, so i also tried! and it’s worth it! Waking up early, looking for an isolated place, sitting in the sand, while  hearing the waves of the sea, with a panaromic view of sand, sea and sky, what a perfect setting to enjoy the presence of the Lord!

Last year, God reveals His amazing promises through Proverbs 3, this chapter is full pack of wisdom, God’s promises and a guide of do’s and dont’s to enjoy the blessings of the Lord! Prov 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;  in all your ways acknowledge him,  and he will make your paths straight. On Day 1, along the beach, i go back to this verse and God reminded me how much He has been faithful to me after a year! Indeed, God proven me that He kept His promises, He is faitful and He never change! On day 2, i read my life verse Joshua 1:9, and this day God has two powerful words for me “Be Strong & Courageous!” On day 3, while in bed i remember Jer 33:3, so i read that and this time God reminds me to call on Him and He will tell me great and unsearchable things i do not know and ends my last QT in Bora with Jer 33:11  “Give thanks to the LORD Almighty,  for the LORD is good;  his love endures forever.”

Truly God is good, His Love endures forever! He is our everlasting God, so it’s always good to wait upon the Lord!