Kitchenails: Basic Mani & Pedi

Having clean and pretty nails is one of my beauty goals this 2016. I agree with Tammy Taylor, our nails can make a statement. Ladies, listen, men looks at women nails and it send a lot of signals to them. … Continue reading

Body & Mind Renewed at Zen Sai Spa


One of the reward I give to myself is a monthly spa treatment, whether its a body massage, body scrub or foot spa, I always go to a spa to renew my body & mind. My mom, sister and me tried Zen Sai Spa in BF Homes, Paranaque City, Metro Manila. I bought this Body Massage & Salt Srcub package from

Zen Sai Spa is a Japanese themed Spa. “Zen” is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese character “chan,” which is in turn the Chinese translation from the Indian Sanskrit term “dhyana,” which means meditation. While “Sai” means weapon. So this means that a “Meditation” can be our weapon.Image

Inside the spa are 6 traditional Japanese houses which can accommodate 2 persons for a massage/scrub treatment. Massage beds are in the floor, equipped with air-conditioned and speakers playing spa music.


Before the massage starts we have to wear this cute pink Japanese Kimono.

Body massage is soothing and calming. Though my neck got stiffed because the bed is not the ideal massage bed.

Pampered at Sonya’s Garden Spa

Sonya’s Garden spa treatments is highly recommended, body massage ranges from P600-800 not bad for relaxing massage, refreshing ambiance, nice staff and dalandan tea.

Vcfgirls @ Tagaytay-019

They used calamansi to relax my feet before a foot spa.

Vcfgirls @ Tagaytay-027 

I super like the hallway of massage rooms,very zen and native.

Vcfgirls @ Tagaytay-022

Massage beds are clean and mabango.

Vcfgirls @ Tagaytay-026

You have your own private shower.

Vcfgirls @ Tagaytay-024

They used this massage oil made of honey and ginger from Ilog Maria.

Vcfgirls @ Tagaytay-023

After massage, this natural dalandan tea soothes you! Dont forget to give your masseuse a tip.

Vcfgirls @ Tagaytay-030

Here are the girls me, iris, cai and ron, after our massage ;b