#Limitless 2012

Limitless! That’s how my 2012 looks like! God has proven himself again that He is faithful and able. God always surpassed my expectations; He fulfilled most of my 2012 faith goals. God’s blessing is always greater from what I believe for.

What a year! 2012 has been so good to me. January 2012, God spoken to me that it’s gonna be a “my year of harvest.” And truly, everything I pray for, comes so easy. When I pray today, for sure God answered YES tomorrow! It’s like my Father spoiling me. I feel like that maybe I did something good in the past and God is rewarding me now. But the truth is, it’s not about me, it’s about God who wants the best for us and our God who’s just being faithful to His promise.

 Limitless Career

  • Finally in 2012, God promoted me at work. I also passed the comprehensive exam, received University and College Scholar achievement award and completed my Masters degree in Management at University of the Philippines – Manila.  I’m also privilege to attend trainings and workshops for career and leadership development. There are successful projects, high performance rating, and monthly business travels. It was really an exciting year for me professionally! Though also this year, I have to say goodbye to my best friend at work Mami Myrns and another close friend Joel, I still thank God that I have the opportunity to work with them for 5 years. As this happened, God blessed me with new friends at work – Jean, Anna, Ana, Rea, Lee, Sean and Jeegz. I believe that work is more colorful and exciting when you’re surrounded with real friends, I can’t survive working without friends around me! Also, this year is a challenging year for almost everyone who used to be part of the company for more than 2 years. This year the management is up for new and stricter policies and complicated processes. Politics and power tripping is all over. Well, this is the real corporate world! In spite of all this, God is teaching me to continue to work excellently for Him! God is in control and no one can harm me.

 Limitless Finances

  • Though my payroll and savings account don’t have hundreds of thousands now. I’m grateful that   last year I achieved financial freedom. God delivered me from prison of credit card debt. Today, I don’t owe anyone! How relieving is that? By God’s grace, I was able to fix my finances and now I’m on track to making my money work for me. Last December, I just availed Variable Life Insurance from Philam-Life (for me and my family’s protection). I also started to invest through BDO Easy Investment Plan and now learning the stock market through Citisec. This year, God provided for monthly amortization for my car and lot. Aside from this financial goals success, I’m more grateful how God reveals His goodness, power and faithfulness to me. He showed me that “Joy, I am the owner, provider and controller of everything. I am able to turn around things, if you just let me and if you completely trust me.” I’ve learned so much from this experience, though I learned it the hard way, the good thing is that “I Learn.” Special thanks to Randel Tiongson (learned from his blog www.randeltiongson.com) and Chinkee Tan (learned from his books www.chinkeetan.com).

 Limitless Relationships

  • Aside from new friends at work, I’m also grateful that I was able to spend enough and quality time with Nanay and Jell. I’ve spent most of my free time with them, from simple chats over meals, attending Sunday services at Victory Alabang, shopping and travelling together. I also got to see my close friends and spend time with my relatives. This year, we had a chance to meet my cousins from Sumaway (Malou, Charina and Lisa), also Sanchez spend summer in Raya’s Resort  and also this year our family was blessed with two babies Chammy & Misha, these 2 kids bring so much joy in the compound. God just blessed me with enough time to nurture relationships that truly matters to me.


Limitless Character

  • Be determined, patient, be on-time, practice self-control, be friendly, confident and frugal. These are the characters that God developed within me in 2012. I know my limitations and I can’t change by my own effort. God is the only one who has the power to change us. Though life’s struggles are not easy, I’m grateful that through these, God transforms me to be a better person.

Limitless Experience

  • 2012 is really exciting! I was able discover and learn new things. I enjoyed life by choosing happiness over sadness, positivity over negativity, and good over bad. I was able to enjoy simple things, by being myself and by being a little bold, daring and adventurous. This year, it was my first time to travel with connecting flight alone, that’s during my business trip in Chiang-Mai, where I have a connecting flight from Manila-Bangkok-Chiangmai. It was my first time to have an out of the country road trip. It was also my first time to try harness zorb, zipline and AUV in Boracay, island hopping in Honda Bay Palawan and Malapascua Island in Cebu. I’ve learned presentation skills, personal finance and investment, cooking Thai food, baking and wakeboarding.  This year my family and I also had a chance to bond in Baguio, Pangasinan and Tagaytay and finally surprised Nanay with a Jollibee Kiddie Party when she turned 61. Also, thank you to all my  readers, my blog site hits 8,654 views in 2012!

For some that was left unanswered, does it mean that God is Limited in some areas?

  • Yes God bless me with so much in 2012, but there were still some left unanswered, and some things that we don’t expect or want to happen. My Lola Mileng passed away, my best friend’s unexpected resignation from work, I was not able to save for Emergency Fund,  free parking was restricted for non-CLT members, backpacking in Cambodia –Thailand didn’t happen, I still don’t have an iPad, a Louis Vuitton bag, and a boyfriend! Of course not! God is not a limited God, there’s still 2013. I believe that 2013 will be fantastic year again, favor and breakthroughs will just continue to come! Blessings will be doubled from last year and God will fulfill these faith goals that left unanswered. I just have to wait, God wants me to wait patiently for Him and keep the faith! You want your personal goals happen, then claim this promise from God!

I don’t know about you, but I guess you also have prayers, goals and wishes that you want to happen! If God has been limitless to me, for sure He can do the same thing to you, if you allow Him to. The Bible says, in John 5:20 “For the Father loves the Son & shows him all he does. Yes, & He will show him even greater works than these, so that you will be amazed.” Believe that God can do amazing things in your life, then you will experience limitless blessings from our unlimited God.

#Thankful 2011

First time in our Victory Group to celebrate a thanksgiving party. Cai hosted our dinner in their lovely crib in Ohana. We are asked to write our Top 10 “Thank You’s for 2011. And since God has taught me to be content and live a simple life this year, I thought of thanking God for what i have, for the things that most of the time i ignore because i’m desiring for more or worst focusing on things that I don’t have. There you go…This 2011 I thank God for….

1. My family, for my sister and nanay who’s been there for me in good and bad times.

2. Old & new friends in Victory (VG – whose been there for me all this time and for deeper friendship with them & KC volunteers), Monsanto and in UP, Relatives (Sanchez & Sumaway), for the love and encouragement.

3. Provision for me & my family’s basic needs Comfortable house to live, that we never get affected by strong typhoons, Good food cooked by nanay everyday and free dine-outs, Old & few new clothes, sandals & bags that I can mix and match. (Thank you Lord that I can also borrow from my sister)

4. Good health! That after series of consultation, I thank God I’m free from sickness.

5.  Strength and wisdom doing work and studies at the same time. It’s really God!

6. My work in Monsanto. Good compensation & benefits, trainings and exposure.

7. “JJ” my companion wherever I go! My favorite spot to meet God!

8. LCD TV without cable, laptop & we roam to surf and do my term papers (not an Ipad2), not so reliable N97 (not a BB or iPhone)

9. Places I’ve been too early this year. Davao, Subic, Batangas, Tagaytay, KL, SG

11. Newborn baby “Misha Venice” my pretty and lovely pamangkin, who brings joy in our family.

12. Nanay’s 60th Birthday – for long life, good health, simple yet happy celebration

13. Finally, finish with so much learnings and confidence in “Training for Victory

14. Renovated bathroom, kitchen and new oven at home

15. RRA and GCs received during Monsanto 2011 Christmas Party

16. Bringing me to situations where I don’t have a choice but to fully surrender everything to Him. For always reminding me to be fully dependent in God alone in all areas of my life. He always made me realized that without God I am nothing. In my weakness and during down times, He moves in my life amazingly!

By the way, i wrote more than ten because i cant get enough of God blessings, countless!

Best Trips in 2010

A great journey will never be complete without travel and trips with family and friends. Whether it’s a business trip or a personal one, whether it’s planned or unplanned, whether it’s outside the country, out of town or just around, it rocks my 2010! I just love discovering new places and going back to old places.

  • HongKong with my super love mader and jell. 2010 faith goals answered, a dream come true.

DSC02480 DSC02215

  • Boracay (fun with Victory group & Cai ♥ Nowell wedding) i get to know and appreciate the girls & the friendship even more.

Day 3 Zorb-02 61147_442262072000_724392000_5714130_5513494_n

  • Bulacan, visit my lola Mileng together with my cousins & nephews. Lola, was so happy to see us and that she visited this resort.

DSC02996 DSC03044

  • Tagaytay & Nuvali, the most reliable out-of-town chill-out place for me, my family & friends.

DSC03498 Vcfgirls @ Tagaytay-077

  • Batangas, quick summer getaway at Canyon Cove with my sister & nanay.

DSC02852 DSC02942

  • Davao, for stressful S&OP meeting (at least we stayed at Marco Polo) & Tarlac, for Luzon BU meeting (we stayed at Hacienda Luisita). During my Davao trip, i realized that i miss going out-of-town for work and i appreciate, thank God for the opportunity. Honestly, because i’m so used to it, i just take this for granted.

08312010075 10042010153

  • Cebu, for Monsanto National Conference & Christmas party and for pre-Christmas vacay of nanay & jell.

DSC02641(crop)highblue 06122010025 DSC03994 DSC03964

  • SMX, for EN 2010 (worship),  a taste of heaven, really. Where people from every nation worship ONE GOD! Here i told myself, this the best place to be “in the presence of the Lord.”

23072010011 24072010016

  • Manila, Milo run, Mall of Asia trips with my nanay (reconciliation, uh, i remember), with cousins & Manila Ocean Park, with Cousins (watched Acuatica musical fountain show), WTC for exhibits and bazaars.

DSC03198 DSC04566

DSC02020 DSC03545 

  • The Fort, early morning run with my sisters and some friends, dinner and coffee with friends at Serendra, Boni High and Venice Piazza.

11132010269 DSC03111 Dinner w-Khen-11

Best Stuff in 2010

My heart can’t contain how thankful I am! Isn’t our God is great? Though I never asked for some of these stuff, God still give it to me. Oh Lord, you are so good. That’s why i sing ♫ ♫ No I cannot count the ways that you have made my life so blessed… All I know is that you came and made beauty of my mess! ♫ ♫

1230201045312302010456  12302010454 

07162010125912232010437  12302010457

12122010399 DSC03729 12232010426

  • Swatch watch, i bought from Hongkong
  • Mango bags (which i also bought from HK & this bag i super like)
  • Sexy sandals i bought from Cebu
  • Leather seat for my car “jj”
  • Free Nokia N97 (thank you Monsanto)
  • Free Make-ups, toiletries (i still have more for 2011, thank you Angel, Cai, Iris)
  • Free lunch & dinner Krispy Kreme, lunch, dinner & coffee at Kanin Club, Itallianis, Cibo, Zong, Recipes, CPK, YCab, TGIF, Shakeys, Maxs, Pizza Hut, Manong’s, Starbucks, Cofee bean, Fish & Co
  • Top, dresses & tees
  • Sharp Acquos Home Theater
  • Kikay Stuff (Aaawww)

A Decade of Dreams

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Inspired by the Purpose Drive life series, i will start to refocus, this is by simply creating another set of 10 year goals… it’s been a decade since i wrote my long-term goal and faithfully pray for it, i was 18 then, a student, a dreamer, very optimistic and very passionate to do everything just to make my dreams come true. And today, after 10 years, as i review my long-term goal, I can say that God has been faithful to me, the dreams that He instill in my heart is the very thing that happened  to me, during my 10 years journey… both dreams that was remembered and forgotten, roller-coaster experiences that fulfilled my life. A successful career in a corporate world, a place where i can start building my dream house, a brand new car, discover, travel and see new places, study in UP, gadgets, clothes, bags, eat at fancy restaurants, sleep in luxurious hotels, spa treatments, numerous hang-outs (dinner,movies, out-of-town) with family & friends, beaches,  whoah, amazing! I can say that it’s been a fruitful 10 years of my life! and I’m so grateful. #iThankGod

DSC00274a   DSC02215  60166_442258212000_724392000_5714049_3478423_n My City'09-09  Congo Grill-2  IMG_5787