How I Get Out From Credit Card Debt?

Like most of the middle income employees in their mid to late 20’s I’ve been one of the victim of credit card debt too. Spending on things that I don’t need, using money that I don’t have. I’m a typcial woman who splurges … Continue reading

Body & Mind Renewed at Zen Sai Spa


One of the reward I give to myself is a monthly spa treatment, whether its a body massage, body scrub or foot spa, I always go to a spa to renew my body & mind. My mom, sister and me tried Zen Sai Spa in BF Homes, Paranaque City, Metro Manila. I bought this Body Massage & Salt Srcub package from

Zen Sai Spa is a Japanese themed Spa. “Zen” is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese character “chan,” which is in turn the Chinese translation from the Indian Sanskrit term “dhyana,” which means meditation. While “Sai” means weapon. So this means that a “Meditation” can be our weapon.Image

Inside the spa are 6 traditional Japanese houses which can accommodate 2 persons for a massage/scrub treatment. Massage beds are in the floor, equipped with air-conditioned and speakers playing spa music.


Before the massage starts we have to wear this cute pink Japanese Kimono.

Body massage is soothing and calming. Though my neck got stiffed because the bed is not the ideal massage bed.

Katy Perry Manila Dream

Here’s my favorite number of Katy Perry! I love her Peacock costume! Photo Credits:

The weekend, after I got back from Thailand (Jan 15) I saw a TV commercial about Katy Perry’s concert here in Manila. With excitement I told my sister “Okay sana manood nyan no, kaso i don’t have a budget for that.” My sister, agree on me, because she knows very well that i’m praying for a change in my spending habit, and I have a goal this year to achieve and buying tickets for Katy Perry concert will not bring me closer to that goal. Jan 16 when i got back in the office, I saw an e-mail from Mabuhay Miles with a subject “Redeem Miles for Katy Perry The California Dream Tour 2012 tickets!!” I’m so excited and saw that I can redeem two (2) silver tickets for a 5,000 miles. And I have 5K+ miles in my account, so I immediately downloaded claim form, and text my sister about it. I’m just amazed how God heard my innocent wish to watch the show, He provided a ticket for free, not just for me but for my sister too! The next day, my sister claim the ticket in Mabuhay Miles Office in Makati. And we’re ready to go!

Concert Day. January 22, 2012. Me and my sister just stroll around MOA, have our dinner at Joey Pepperoni and head-out to MOA concert grounds. There’s a lot of people, media and celebrities all over the place. The show started late (2 hours late) Katy Perry tweet that it’s because of some security issues. But when the show started we had a great time! Singing our heart out loud with our favorite Hot N Cold, Fireworks, ET, The One that Get Away, Last Friday Night,  Teenage Dream, Peacock and  California Girls.

Decrease your Cash Flow

Here are some ways to decrease cash flow from Chinkee Tan’s “Till Debt Do Us Part”

  1. Change your lifestyle, spend less
  2. Be open-minded for other opportunities
  3. Save as much as you can
  4. If you have more, maintain your lifestyle
  5. Have a long-term perspective

And here are some applications i started out immediately:

  1. I try to bring packed lunch at the office as much as possible, i can save as much as 70 pesos daily or 1,400 pesos monthly.
  2. When i only have to buy few grocery items or pay bills, i do it within 15-30 minutes so i don’t have to pay parking. You can save 20 pesos by doing this.
  3. I also maximize Alabang Town Center’s free parking (it’s beside Cinema). You can save 20 pesos.
  4. Minimize eating out for dinner, i just eat at home instead. I can save 150 pesos/meal.
  5. Instead of watching movies at cinemas, i watch DVD at home instead.
  6. Instead of bringing a car going to school at UP-Manila, i just commute. I can save as much as 250 pesos for toll fees (SLEX) and 250 pesos for gas expenses.
  7. I started to pay-out credit card debts and have it cut. Tip: start paying your small amount debts then the large debts. Be sure to terminate your credit card account upon paying. Negotiate with your credit card companies to wave interest and give you flexible payment schemes.
  8. I avoided malls and going to my favorite brands on SALE, this way i’ll avoid buying stuff i really don’t need.
  9. I set a goal “I’ll be a millionaire in 5 years” so if i won’t change my spending and saving habits i cannot attain this goal.
  10. I started giving my TITHES faithfully and correctly 🙂 God promised to bless us abundantly if we honor Him with the first fruits of our crops.

Always think of long-term, the longer the term the better off it will be. – Chinkee Tan

Thai Food in a budget at SOMs


Been hearing about this famous carinderia (hawker street) in Rockwell. They serve all flavors of Thai food and drinks. If you love Thai food and doesn’t care much about the ambiance, SOMs carinderia is definitely right for you. Me, Cai & Libby together with my SG ladies celebrated our birthday here, we had our lunch here. For a Sunday, there’s so many people dining here, almost no parking and it takes 50 years to serve the food. But waiting is all worth it. Must try: Milk Tea.

Ginataang Shrimp


Chicken wrapped in Pandan leaves