Wedding Guest Discount at Chateau Hestia

Hello guys! Chateau Hestia is giving discount for our guests, just tell them you’ll be attending our wedding (Mark & Jenice). If you plan to come earlier or extend your stay, you can book the following rustic and Filipino themed rooms and … Continue reading

{M+J} Marriage Prep Series: Shopping for Suppliers

My second post on Marriage Prep Series is “Shopping for Suppliers” this one is the most exciting part for me. Syempre naman shopping (yay), plus my fiancé “Mark” is very supportive (I’m such a spoil bride-to-be). I wonder & imagine, then … Continue reading

Would You Be My Mrs. Luna?

Whoah! It’s been a week since I said “Yes” (while I’m tulaley, stuttered, confused what he’s doing, smiling and crying, in awe trying to capture the moment in my iPhone, almost mapa-tumbling, hay in short #AligagaSaSaya)  as Mark popped up this question, “would you … Continue reading