40 Things I Saw in Japan That I Wish I Can Bring in Philippines

I was prettty impressed of efficiency and practicality of Japanese. Maybe this is what I really wanted to see, that’s why I really dreamed of going to Japan (than US, Europe). What makes the diffrence are advanced technology, efficient process and … Continue reading

10 (11) Days of Japan


Day 1: 10 Days Japan Solo Chic Travel Starts Now
• Manila-Kansai
• Check-in: Hotel Chuo, Dobutsuenmae, Tenojji, Osaka

Day 2: Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom at Osaka
• Osaka Castle Park (Cherry Blossoms Spot)
• Osaka Castle Museum
• Osaka Mint Bureau for Hanami – Cherry Blossoms Viewing
• Kema Sakura-nomiya Park (Cherry Blossoms Spot)
• Umeda Sky Building
• Osaka Station (largest station in Osaka, get around for dining, shopping)
• Bike around Tenojji (scouting place for dinner)

Day 3: Easy Sunday Morning at Nara and Colorful Night at Namba
Walk-around Nara
o Nara Park (features hundreds of freely roaming deer)
o Kofukuji Temple
o Yoshuiken Garden
o Isuien Garden
o Todaiji Temple
o Sanjusangendo Hall
o Ninna-ji Temple
Check-in: Hotel Mikado, Dobutsuenmae, Tenojji, Osaka
Walk around Namba (lively city for food, shopping, and more)
o Dotonbori
o Shinshaibashi
o Minami (Namba)
o Namba Grand Kagetsu

Day 4: Sayonara Osaka, Konichiwa Kyoto
Bike around Tenojji, (recommended to bike at night, maraming happenings)
o Tenojji Tower
o Tenojji Zoo
o Osaka Shinekai
Travel from  Osaka –Kyoto
Check-in: Santiago Guesthouse (Go around Kyoto by bus instead of trains)
• Kiyomizudera  Temple
•  Higashiyama District

Day 5: Kyoto Temple Run
o Philosophers path
o Ginkakuji Temple
o  Nanzenji
Northern Kyoto
o Kinkakuji Golden Pavillion
o Ninnaji Temple
Southern Kyoto
o  Fushimi Inari Shrine
o  Gion District

*Temples are accessible by Kyoto 1 day unlimited bus pass, cost JPY500 except for Fushimi Inari Shrine, access this place by bus to Kyoto Station, and ride a JR train to Fushimi Inari Station

Day 6: Oh My Tokyo Dream
Travel from Kyoto to Tokyo via Shinkansen (First Bullet Train ride, bucket list check)
Check-in: Business Hotel Fukusen
• Odawara
o Odawara Castle Park
• Shinagawa
• Tokyo viewing at Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Shinjuku, (free)
• Tokyo Station

Day 7: Hide and Seek with Mt. Fuji
• Gotemba, see Mt. Fuji from this area (not recommended because of 2.5 hrs travel)
o Gotemba Outlet Store (bought Coach bag for 48% discount)
• Akihabara
• Ueno

Day 8: Yes, yes, Tokyo
o Gundam Statue
o Fuji TV Building
o Divers City
o Venus Fort
o Toyota Car Museum
Shibuya, Join thousands of people cross at Shibuya Crossing, watched Tokyo Scramble Art and 2nd level of Starbucks Shibuya
• Harajuku & Omote Sando
Travel from Tokyo to Yokohama

Day 9: Girl Time at Yokohama

  • Motomachi
  • Yamashita Park
  • Red Bricks/World Porters
  • Cup Noodles Museum
  • Minato Mirai
  • Yokohama Stadium for Tulips in full bloom
  • Kannai, shopping

Day 10: Awesome Japan because of an Awesome God
• Attend Easter Sunrise Service Yokohama Grace Bible Church, Yokohama
• Lunch at Yokohama
• Travel from Yokohama to Kansai Airport
😦 Sad, I missed my 840 flight back to the Philippines, so I slept at Kansai Airport

Day 11: What is adventure without great misadventure?
• Walk-around Kansai airport early morning
• I miss home, yes, finally, I’m coming home from Kansai to Manila

I thank God for being with me for 11 days. Everywhere I go, God’s presence is with me. That’s His promise for me in Joshua 1:9. Yes, everything I saw in Japan is beautiful. My first solo travel experience is captivating. I’m glad I made it solo in Japan!


“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9